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Dae Fenris

The Things You Miss By NOT Hanging Out In IRC

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[10:25p] <KyekOmg> Holy shit how is that possible

[10:25p] <@Kiba> things Kyek shouldn't say during the server upgrade

[10:26p] <+Serryl> lol

[10:26p] <KyekOmg> LMAO

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this is my sig.

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Hey! the name Serryl should be bold :(

There are four things that I desire most in life.

i, The Will

ch'i, The Vital Energy

wu-wei, Effortlessness

tzu-jan, Spontaneity

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Living the dream:

(8:59:18 PM) Panarchy: I wish I owned a cinema
(8:59:25 PM) Panarchy: with a jazz bar in the basement
(9:02:05 PM) Garnene: i wish i owned chris pratt
(9:02:15 PM) Panarchy: with a jazz bar in the basement?
(9:03:22 PM) Garnene: na i have a jazz bar to put in his basement already
The HDD saga:
(9:15:26 PM) jorfs: How much storage could you fit in the worlds largest container ship?
(9:15:32 PM) jorfs: HmmmmMMMMMmMm
(9:16:37 PM) Missile: Units of PETE'S MUM = 1
time passes
(9:22:35 PM) jorfs: 8570520576 terabytes, assuming it's stuffed with 2TB HDDs
(9:23:08 PM) Garnene: seagate has a 8tb harddrive
(9:23:18 PM) Garnene: wait
(9:23:19 PM) Garnene: 10tb
(9:23:24 PM) jorfs: yeha well I'm being conservative with my container ship analogies
(9:24:10 PM) Garnene: yeah youre right
(9:24:14 PM) Garnene: better be conservative
(9:24:25 PM) Garnene: in your cargo shipped filled entirely with harddrvies scenario
(9:24:35 PM) Garnene: wouldnt want to be ridiculous
(9:26:22 PM) Missile: but what if you drop em
(9:26:32 PM) RollTheDice: what happens if you drop a normal HDD?
(9:26:36 PM) jorfs: you might break it if you drop it
(9:26:36 PM) RollTheDice: chances are it'l be broken too
(9:27:16 PM) Missile: but not as irreversibly I'd think, if it's not a height too high
(9:27:32 PM) RollTheDice: well i doubt a drop would puncture it
(9:27:37 PM) RollTheDice: unless it dropped on something sharp
(9:27:49 PM) RollTheDice: still, who drops HDDs?
(9:27:55 PM) Missile: well, if it drops on a corner you'd have a chance of it deforming for a second
(9:28:17 PM) RollTheDice: drop survivability never really factors into my HDD purchases
(9:28:31 PM) RollTheDice: i assume if i drop it once it'l be completely fucked
(9:28:39 PM) jorfs: drop survivability is my #1 priority in HDD purchases
(9:29:14 PM) Garnene: if my harddrive cant double as a football i personally class that as a waste of money


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Dofus: PlusSanguis(Rushu) Ptolemy(Shika) Toruko(Solar)

(I don't play Dofus any more...)

Wakfu: Dantalion, Valefar, Panarchy (Dathura + Phaeris)

IRC: Tentacles!!(!)! (or Panarchy...)

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Necroing this just because i have to share this.

2017-02-04 01_34_55-#20serpentine - Discord.png

Edited by RollTheDice

200 Water Enutrof - Salucia

200 Water Xelor - Straat

199 Earth/Fire Iop - SlashFTW

195 Water/Fire Cra - Stratosphere

194 Fire/Water Eni - Strategem

184 Agility Panda - Stratica

199 Earth Sadida- Setaria

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is it ded or you guys moved to that other chat thing?

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