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Sinister Minds [Recruitment] [Guild]

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Sinister Minds is looking for amazing people to join our family! A few things our home can offer is....


1.] Dungeons, Help farming resources, PvM and PvP

2.] Active community we are one of the most active guilds on server with peak time reaching 50+ members online. 

3.] Were in a pretty great alliance KIN

4.] A helpful community.

5.] random events. 

Guild Level is 141. Average Level is 217

Our guild offers many benefits to joining so come check us out yourself!


What are our requirements? 

200+ [ we have a second guild on server Sinister Minds ll for people under 200. 

Activity, we expect people to be active when they join.


Message the following people to join or just apply!







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That Xelor Doe.

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We have been getting more into pvp lately as well now!

That Xelor Doe.

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