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About fight

You're placed in the arena where you have to find pairs of Evil Forest monsters (match two memory game).

There are 4 areas with hidden 8 monsters on each, that results in 32 monsters.

Their position doesn't change during whole fight.

We have to find 16 pairs within 30 turns.

At the beginning of turn 31 you're getting killed.



Avoiding damage

Revealed monsters hits you for around 1 damage, but you're getting healed for each found pair so it's not a problem.

However there is an enemy - Demonic Malter - that rotates around islands, every 2 turns (3, 5, 7..) anti-clockwise.

He's going to hit first, and at the end of turn he'll change position.

It deals around 10 damage and requires line of sight.

So stay hidden from him turn 1 and 2. Then he'll try to hit and move and for turns 3 and 4 you have to move as well.



Since we don't want to use our brains during the fight

I've prepared a color palette to mark monsters.


When we initially detect enemies the game will mark them as green cells.

When we reveal enemy - if a pair isn't going to be killed at the end of turn - we're using appropriate colors to mark enemy types.

For killed enemies we use black color to keep track of number of enemies killed (8 per island).

Maybe it's a good idea to have a name for monsters. I called red 'wide', brown 'cactus', blue 'tall', and purple 'leafy'.

It's faster to bind a name with a color when looking into paint what to pick.



Puts glyphs under enemies in your line of sight.



Recommended to find missing enemies.

Use it on places where it's hard to get line of sight.



Used to reveal enemies.

We can only kill one pair of enemies per turn, so after revealing two of them the spell will be grayed out for current turn.

Also good for finding enemies when we're in panic mode (can be used 5 times, but costs hp each time we miss).

At least it should be, I have no idea how it works and I used only two spells above it..



Useful if you plan to get hit by enemy.

Also useful if you're running out of time and need to find missing enemies (you take 3 dmg instead of 5x1).



And the one that we don't use.

I think it was added to provide some info about the fight.



General tips

- Use black color as bind to right mouse button. You're gonna need it often and it saves some seconds.

Only use left mouse button to bind color to mark enemy type or green cell.

- Don't pass turns, time passes really fast. Use those precious seconds.

Use spare time to count marked cells on each area, if you have 8 somewhere there's no point in looking for more enemies there.

- If you're missing a cell or two in particular area - start searching behind blocks you're never gonna reach (like 1 free cell between edge of map and blocked LoS).

- Don't use detection spell every turn, e.g. if you have revealed a lot of enemies blocking LoS. You're only gonna lose 2HP for using the spell and won't find something new.

- The fight is not easy, learn the mechanic and give it couple of tries. If you're unlucky you're probably going to die.

- It says you have 20MP, but you have 6MP only, this is bugged..


Cells that can't be find using marking spell

Image stolen from https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/le-serment-de-l-ambre.html



Sample opening

Turn 1

I've casted a spell to reveal enemies. Then I moved one cell to hide from Demonic Malter.

I took a screenshot to have positions marked in MS Paint.
I also copy colors I'm going to use to mark monsters and paste it at the top (for easy access).



Still turn 1

I've revealed monster types of two enemies. Even if they don't match - my revealing spell is grayed out for the rest of my turn.

They won't disappear because enemy type doesn't match.



Still turn 1

They will be hidden next turn so I'm marking my paint picture with colors.

Use color picker and bind colors to left mouse button, then select a bucket to fill cells.

It's going to look like this.



We're doing that because enemies will hide again, and we won't know their types.

Here's how they look in turn 2:



Turn 2
I look at Paint where were enemies and check for another cell.

If I have a match - I can reveal enemy I already know where's hiding to kill a pair and make cells black in Paint.

If not - I proceed with searching and using appropriate colors to mark enemy types in Paint.

Actually that's all, good luck.



Sample screens from my fight

Turn 6




Turn 25



The end






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Awesome, good work!

Tweak - level 199 wookie - may the RAWR be with you.

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Was the overall questline easier and or less tedious than it was before? I did some reading and it seemed like the most tedious part (the arches) remained unchanged.




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