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Automatic filters and public user profile!


To close the year with a flourish, Dofus Creator brought news in the development of new features and tools for the site, see:



From now, Dofus Creator will identify the main element and characteristics of your build and automatically add these filters to your project. With this, from today, 90% of projects will have ratings, this way the filter and search for projects on the site will be more precise and refined!

Also, before it was possible to have only 1 secondary attribute in your project, now it is possible to have up to 5 of them!



Now all Dofus Creator users have a link to your profile, and everyone who visits will be able to view your public projects and some information about you.

The link to your profile looks like this:


However, of course, instead of Rubines (which is my user), you will type the username who wants to see the projects.

Your profile link is available on your user panel, so you can view and copy it.



  • It is now possible to see damage from items like Crocobur, Corruption Pestilence, Ebony Dofus, and Kicked Ass Boots. Just equip them to see damage in the spell panel.

  • Also added new meta tags on our website for your project description. In other words, when you link to a project on Facebook (and others sites), the link will have the title of your project followed by a description that Dofus Creator will build for you. Results like this may also appear on Google o/

  • When opening a project, its creator's information will be displayed on the upper right side of the page. Previously this was displayed in the lower left corner and was very hidden due to the advertisement on the page. We improved it.

Other small changes and improvements to the user's quality of life of Dofus Creator also arrived, you can see everything that has changed in detail in the update notes:




However, I hope you like the news that arrived.

Remembering that bug reporting suggestions are always welcome!

See you soon with more news XD


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