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Dofus Retro mono-account Temporis planned for 2022 February.


  • x3 XP/Drops/Profession XP/Runes
  • All equipment drops from monsters
  • Class passives
  • No characteristic softcaps
  • New pet that gives AP and eats other pets
  • Custom PvM fights/challenges to earn Tempokens that can be exchanged to get Characteristic Scrolls/Mounts/Pets/Dofus
  • XP potion/Cosmetics at the end
  • Goultarminator on Temporis


Krosmonote slides about Temporis and a 2022 update roadmap:

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Not sure, but Osa looks spicy.. with no soft cap on characteristics, a potential 995 base to any element would boost those summons nicely.



I hope they will do a server merger later on, as i went for Chafer with some friends ^^



Eratz IGN: Black-magican, radioactive-dollgirl

HENUAL WEED-MONSTER . aka DENDE, the green sadida, hungry for memes.

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