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Halloween is here on the Dofus Creator website  😱 and for this event you can redeem an exclusive reward, the Al Howin 2021 Emblem

r/Dofus - Its Halloween with Events and Rewards!

Take part in the event, it will only last until November 2nd!




  1. Find the 6 Al Howin Tofus hidden throughout the Dofus Creator website (I hear they are even hidden inside the equipments)

  2. Redeem your exclusive reward this year

  3. Alright, everyone can see your achievement by accessing your profile in any of your projects on the site!

This year's reward is exclusive! Like the Beta Tester Medal and the Jahash Build Challenge, the Al Howin 2021Emblem cannot be redeemed again on the site! So run and secure your 🥰


r/Dofus - Its Halloween with Events and Rewards!


The achievement system

Since its release, Dofus Creator has had an Achievements system, which would allow players to receive various rewards while using the site. It turns out that this system was stopped for a long time and in more than 2 years we only had two achievements that were created.

Currently, the system is back and with news for Dofus Creator users!

Learn more in the coming week 😉

r/Dofus - Its Halloween with Events and Rewards!


Once you have redeemed your reward, it will appear like this in your projects:


r/Dofus - Its Halloween with Events and Rewards!


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