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Are Dofus's assets archived anywhere?

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Since I grew up playing Dofus, a lot of the assets in this game, from the monsters to the maps, have inspired my own art and taste in worldbuilding. It frankly warms my heart to look at a picture of a Gobball. I haven't played in a long time, but I was checking out the 129wiki for fun today and noticed that many enemies and items are missing their images. It occurred to me that at some point, these things could become lost to time, which would be a huge shame! I assume Ankama has everything themselves, but who knows if we'll ever get access to that. Has anyone worked on an archive?

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Dofus Retro is as active as ever (which is what the current 129wiki is for afaik) so you can just get the assets from there. Don't know about any old archives though, but generally everything is still the same as 1.29 save for the vectorised trees and stuff.




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Yeah you should be able to rip just about anything you want out of the Dofus Retro client files. AppData > Local > Ankama > zaap > retro > resources > app > retroclient seems to be the path to most stuff. Some things like loading screens are in image formats, but the majority of assets are in .swf format so you just need to figure that out.

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