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[WIP] Imagiro Memory dungeon guide

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WIP: this post will probably be updated multiple times during the weekend when I'll try to run this dung.

It's based on translating https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/souvenir-d-imagiro.html using Google Translate.

The images are also from this website, at least for now.


Monster reference:



Related quests:
Two Breaths, One Inhalation (kill boss)
So Many Words, So Little Time (haiku drops)

General information:

The dungeon has 3 waves arriving every 4 turns.
Mobs have extra 13500 HP, but their summons don't.


When a monster gets to 10% HP it will summon an opposite dimension enemy.

It's called "Lotus" state - monster goes invuln and passes turns and we have 3 turns to kill the summon.

If we fail to do this the monster will kill the summon and get back on it's feet and we have to do the process again (10% hp etc.).


The summon is summoned top-right cell from the monster.
If the cell is taken, it follows a clockwise pattern.


The summon has to be killed before summoner 4th invulnerability turn.
The monster gets healed 25% on 2nd invuln turn and 50% on 3nd invuln turn,
so when it's full hp or near to - the summon needs to die this turn.

Boss information:


Queen Amirukam has 3 health thresholds:
75% of his HP (20,250 HP in loot 4).
50% of his HP (13,500 HP in loot 4).
25% of his HP (6,750 HP in loot 4).

At each of her HP thresholds, Queen Amirukam will change to "Lotus" form (invuln) for 5 turns.

In addition, she will summon King Imagami who will fight by your side during the 5 turns.

If he is killed, Queen Amirukam will return to her normal state.


During her 5 turns, the Queen will heal to full HP.
At first King Imagami is summoned on an ally's top square, has 3 spells and is controlled by that ally.
NOTE: Later King Imagami is summoned by the last character who inflicted direct damage on him. 

If no direct damage has been inflicted, the last char to inflict indirect damage before reaching their health threshold will summon it.


Queen Amirukam spells:

Ink Fog: On turn 1 and every 3 turns, the queen places glyphs on all enemy entities on the map.

On the Queen's next turn, these glyphs summon "Ink Ruptures" which are automatically killed by the Queen.

Occupied cells do not summon "Ink Ruptures", but allies and summons that are in a glyph space take 900 earth damage.



Getsuga Tenshō: Inflicts 600 fire damage and randomly applies the "Cannot lock", "Pacifist" or "Unhealable" state (randomly, one of these 3).

In addition, when the queen uses this spell, she moves back 2 squares diagonally or 5 squares in line. Throws from 3 to 8 cells in line and 16 cells diagonally (once per turn).



Black Rose Monarchy: pushes back all enemies in a size 5 cone area of 4 squares, inflicts 600 water damage, removes 2 range (1 turn) and gives 20 dodge to allies in the area. Used at 1 range.



Deubraist Toner: Applies a poison to the target that inflicts 500 water damage and increases the target's damage taken by 5% (5 turns, stacking).

Throws from 4 to 12 range in line or 24 range diagonally (can be thrown 2 times per turn).



King Imagami (ally summon)



The King has 9,300 HP in loot 4, he gains between 2,000 and 2,500 HP [gains? heals?].

His “Wukang Inspiration” damage spell inflicts approximately 300 more damage per additional char in combat.
He has 20AP and 6PM allowing to hit 5 times in a turn and to use one of 2 other boost spells.
You must use the King to inflict maximum damage on monsters.

CAUTION: You only have 15 seconds to play King Imagami's turn, so plan ahead.
Once Queen last HP threshold has been reached and the 5 turns have passed, you can no longer be helped by King Imagami.

He has 3 spells [update it with english versions later]

dj19-inspiration-wukang_orig.png   dj19-elan-wukang_orig.png   dj19-stabilite-wukang_orig.png


Wave composition (4 loot):
Wave 1: Queen Amirukam + Fugokam + Rokoram + Tsunam.
Wave 2: Fugokam + Mabram + Mabram + Rokoram (in 4 turns).
Wave 3: Tsunam + Shinlam + Shinlam + Mabram (in 5 turns).


Recommended classes:
Pandawa: throw stuff around and can go tank mode [can go lock mode with ?~171 lock]
Rogue: standard wave fight recommendation, should 1-shot summons

Eniripsa: healing is highly recommended in this long fight
Feca: heal/protect bombs + cha feca deals good dmg while pushing back mobs


General tips:

Watch out for the "Ink Fog" spell.
Easily identifiable thanks to the glyphs placed on the ground, this spell inflicts big damage on all your characters and summons that are present on this glyph on the Queen's next turn. Stay out of the glyphs to avoid taking damage.


Trigger the Queen's health thresholds as quickly as possible so that you can be helped by the King as quickly as possible.
The faster it goes into "Lotus" form, the less damage it inflicts on you, and you will be helped more quickly by the King in order to quickly kill the monsters.


Protect the bombs at all cost if you play Rogue
The summons will be very close to the bombs, the priority is to keep the bombs full life, and if possible with shields so that they do not die.


Lock summons if possible
So they focus locking char instead of bombs. Place char 2 cells top/right from mob before getting 10% threshold. 

donjon Souvenir d'Imagiro reine amirukam 

Red: monster which will change to “Lotus”.
Blue: place where summon will appear.

Green: the blocking/locking character or summon.


If you are playing Rogue, kill the King yourself just before Queen Amirukam exits her “Lotus” form.
The fact of killing the King before the Queen returns to her normal state allows her to pass to her next threshold before she has time to play and in particular to avoid her "Ink Fog ”.

Warning: The King must be killed after the Queen has played but also before the Rogue has played, so that the Rogue activates the wall, allowing it to pass to the next health threshold.


Watch out for the Queen's poisons which remain for 5 turns, and increase the damage you take

This poison (debuffable) remains 5 turns, can be thrown without line of sight up to 12 range and double diagonally.

To avoid it, stay away from the Queen while avoiding being on the diagonal.

If, despite everything, you are attacked by one of these poisons, it is better, if possible, to debuff it.
NOTE: Poisons remain even when Queen Amirukam changes to “Lotus” form.


And also beware of his fate Getsuga Tenshō who has a 1/3 chance of making you pacifist.

Which would be a tragedy if it happened on your damage dealer or your Rogue.


Watch out for the Fugokam
Probably the most dangerous monster in the dungeon, especially if it has a low HP percentage, it can easily inflict 2000 per turn to a character with low resistances.

Kill the Shinlams quickly if possible or keep them at distance

The longer the Shinlams stay alive the more damage they inflict, to avoid this you can either kill them quickly (but watch out for their very violent Imushin counterpart) or keep them at distance so they don't bother you.


The queen only has spells with a minimum range, if you manage to lock her, she will skip her turn
However, it takes a lock value of around 200 in order to prevent her from playing. In addition, the character who locks it must not have been put in "cannot lock" state before.


It is possible to fix the Unrecoverable on Queen Amirukam when she is in "Lotus" form.
This will need to be done for several turns, however, but it will result in a diminished Queen when she returns to normal form. (see rogue kills king above).


Rogue / Panda strategy:

I'll fill this in later after I translate mob details

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