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Youtube Channel - Completely New to the Realm

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Just like Wesmaster's recent post, I've also decided to make a youtube channel. If you decide to visit my channel, be warned of poor audio and video quality on my videos since I'm navigating the platform with zero knowledge. If you ever have any beginner user friendly tips for me regarding topic ideas, editing especially since that's my weakness, and any other extra input, feel free to let me know here. Make sure to support other Dofus english youtubers you come across (New or Old) because you never know if they decide to come back and play or restart up their channels. Supporting or viewing content whether it is through comments, likes, views, etc. helps improve the Youtube's algorithm by moving the content up higher in the list. This means more exposure for the game and the minority. Youtuber List: Benjamight, The-Epiphany, Defy, Bamis, Wesmaster, Pokia, Ouest DofusDofus Reflex, Flawless SH, NubcakezDeroy, Caleb's Chill Gaming - Dofus, Mvpdofus, VipeRThe-Nusk, Matt Wright, Foamingatthemouth SH, Creator DofusHipster Gamer, Just Laguna, Calstrom, Time Well SpentRetro Romby, Sacrience, Elesyl Dofus, Astrognome1, Ziberian, Mystopia, AlexandreRochaJuseFrozthaxLeannaXalVeldin, HakfuUltimate-Sensation, SnarklesRalfyRalfy, Beehiveone, ModraKrevTV, Platinum TVChrolloLucifer, Blippero, Captain-Gale, Azn, ExcynicCelestial-SunPersona, ZingUthman, Cagri, Tazz, DofusSolar, Sweetkraz, LyotoWindowDV, RobYourHood, Rayban, -Ecko-, Tyde, LeoCC, Midnight-Hunter, Pentecost, Ftw-Family, LeonbohhKevinplaysdofus, and there's many more out there. This gives them motivation to continue making Dofus content and represent the English side of the community.   Thanks for reading. Youtube Channel --> Bochi

Edited by Bochi
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YOUTUBE CHANNEL -> Bochi                                                                                                 UNFINISHED GUIDE -> Embarking A Thrilling Adventure To Heroic Server

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