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Don't ask a question if you're going to interrupt or harass someone.

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Literally don't.


I shouldn't have to block people in an otherwise enjoyable game for totally dumb reasons.


If someone says multiple times they lost a family member via suicide, and no, they don't want to discuss it, and no, they would like you to stop talking in a certain way and seek help, maybe, just maybe DON'T THREATEN THEM THAT YOU'LL GO DO IT EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK.


Don't tell them "I'm here for you!" Go. Get. Help.


Don't threaten them with inflicted harm, self or otherwise.


Stop trying to control and guilt trip me for things entirely out of my control. I did not do those things to you, and yes, they suck-suck-suck, and yes, you have told me, multiple times a day, especially when you've been called out on something you said or did in poor taste/judgement. Mistakes happen, that's forgivable. What you're doing/done is well past that point.


STOP. Don't message me, don't gas-light me, don't threaten me, and seek actual, qualified help COVID be damned. Keep trying. You can do it. I believe(d) in you!




COVID has been harshing everyone's mellow. If you need help, call in, seek it out. I'm more than happy to googlefu some resources if it helps another out. Everyone hits a point in life, but no one should be gas-lighting others for attention/harm.

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Chebsi lvl 200 Cra
Chebsor lvl 200 masq

Chebichevinovichski lvl 200 xelor
Proud CO leader of Equinox


[21:44] Milano is ignoring you and will therefore no longer receive your messages. ( mad man hhhhh)


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how inconsiderate smh




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On 2/24/2021 at 9:12 PM, bobeur said:

how inconsiderate smh

stop gaslighting him smh



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