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Medo the Bear

Ivory stacks display

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Hello everyone,


I'm making this post out of frustration since the new update on Ivory Dofus. As many of you know, new ivory passive gives 50% damage reduction every 5th damage received. 


I'm very active in PvP and call it my fault, but I lost games because of lack of information given by new Ivory Dofus. People sometimes use time to think of their turn and end up using their entire combo in last few seconds of the turn and also forget about stacks on enemy's Ivory Dofus, ending up using their most valueable and strongest damage spell on Ivory passive damage reduction. 


It's honestly ridiculous, to be forced to click on turnline for information, searching for enemy's Ivory Dofus current stack before passive procs. It's time consuming, it's distracting and people forget about it. Hell, I even spent time sometimes double checking entire enemy's information just to be sure. It is ridiculous.


I'm suggesting we get same thing we had with Ebony Dofus before changes. Why not put a counter of current stacks of Ivory Dofus displayed  above the character. 


Please, I don't know if someone already mentioned this topic, but I think this is small change that would give a huge help to all players.


Let me know what you think and if you had similar expiriences. Thank you. #platinum4ever

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