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Update 2.58 English transalation/notes - CHANGES TO OUG/MASQ/OSA

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UPDATE 2.58 DOFUS [English translation] by Juse & Slay



Full ENG translation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1seMX1evHW51DTN6A85szwE4VHlxRzSt1eSnrfXqlNEs






Pryteks: The shield refreshes every turn, and last one turn.

Prytek1: 20%/15/10

Prytek2: 15%/15/15

Prytek3: 10%/15/20


The shield cannot be stacked. The goal is to allow all the pryteks to have a role depending on your gameplay.


Catseye Bow: 5ap, range is now 4-7, crit nerfed (15% -> 5%, 6do -> 5do)

Corruption Bow: 6ap now

Hammerture: 6ap now


Corruption cape: When the bearer gets to 100% of his max life, he applies a poison in his best element to everyone in a 2 range AoE. last 2 turns, cannot be unbewitched, 1 stack max.


Jessica belt:: now steals 100 dodge instead of 50.


Fallanster shield: The effect only applies if you got an enemy in LoS at the end of your turn.


Dodge: At the beginning of his turn, the bearer teleports on a random tile next to him. If he cannot move, he gets 10% crit and 80 pb damages. DOES WORK IF GRAV’D


Pb boots: Pushes 2 instead of 1.


Weapon dmg crown: When suffering an AP, MP, or Range reduction, the bearer gets 3% weapon damages for two turns, stackable 5 times.


Death Defying shield: The effect now does proc anytime, instead of at the beginning of bearer’s turn.




1 paper set, 1 ink set, 1 independent set

3 no-set items


Inky set: Amu, Boots, Belt

Bi element: Cha/int/Ap red/Cri

High stats, but heavy debuffs (MP & AP red/dodge, dodge).

Bonus: 10 AP red, 40 int/cha, -10 MP red, 1 mp (3 items)


Paper set: Cape, Hat, Weapon (basically Ink’s opposite)

Bi element: Str/Agi/No-cri 

High stats, but heavy debuffs (AP red, tackle, crit)

Bonus: 40 str/agi, 10 mp red, -10 ap red, 1 ap (3 items)


Changing how Scythes work (the new weapon being a scythe). Hits in an AoE including 3 melee tiles (face, right, left) or 3 ranged tiles (same pattern). 





The damage on the left and right cells are decreased by 25%, front one does 100%.


New out-of-set items:

Agi/Pb dmg ring

Agi lifesteal Scythe

Cha bow


New hammer: 3 ap, two uses a turn, no crits

16-18 Fire + 1-12 Lifesteal Fire

Fire stats


New wand: 

21-28 Fire + 5-8 Lifesteal Fire

Fire stats

3 res lines


New ring: Int/agi/cha


3 res lines


Last Set: Weapon (bow), Hat, Amu

Str/Cha set

Cri set

Debuffs: Ap red, dodge

Note: heavy bow with two nice lines and crit based




Sparkling silver: Heals 40% -> 30%

Triggers when the bearer goes below 20% hps. The effects apply at the beginning of the bearer’s turn, until that he got an icon above the head.


Ivory: 40 fix res all -> 4% all

Passive now reduces the damages by half every 5 damage lines.


Ebony: Stats doesn’t change

Passive -> Attacking ranged AND melee in a single turn allows your next attack to apply a poison for 2 turns. Can be applied multiple times a turn. No more 10% buff.



+20 heal

+20 cri res

If the bearer deals damages during his turn, his allies who bear the Dorigami and the Bearer get 16 damages for 1 turn.

If he doesn’t hit, Domakuro’s bearers gets 100% of their level in shield for 1 turn.

The buffs cannot be stacked.




No more Spiritual link and Sacrificial Fire

The 4 base elemental spells have been changed : The spells don't work on allies anymore so they aren’t “bread and butter” of the class. 

The Informo doesn’t suffer allies damages anymore, which allows the osa to stack his passive on the summon instead of spamming his spells on his allies.

New spells:

Tandem Animal: gives a buff to the target and the osa depending on the element the osa is in. Can be stacked up to one buff of each element.

Agi: +1 mp

Str: 180% of your level as Shield (+360 sp at lvl 200)

Water: 150 Pow

Fire: increased heals received


Variant: “Natural preservation” all caster’s summon gets 30% elemental resistances until they die. The caster suffers 15% more damage and cannot use summon spells until every summon is dead.


Whip is reworked: Attract a caster’s summon to his melee. If the tile is already taken, the summon is cooped symmetrically to the caster.


The shield spell is reworked: The target summon gets 225% of its level as shield. 


High energy shot:: Gives less vita 


Gambol (the melee tp agi spell): Cost goes from 2 to 4 ap, and decreases by 1ap every use


Gobball fleece:: Instead of “if there are enemies in the area get a shield”, always get a shield (+200 sp at lvl 200) that increases with the number of targets. Generates up to 2 charges and is only 4 ap!


Toads are modified: 3-stacks toad main spell is nerfed, and the attractions spells are changed for another damages spell that attracts in a cross shaped area


Dragons: 3-stacks first heal isn’t linear and don’t need los / the second spell now always ub but only if the Dragon is controlled


3-stack gobbal doesn’t shield anymore, instead he now steals MPs and dodge to the target for 1 turn (can be used 3 times a turn, 2 stacks max, 2 times per target)


The goal was to make it harder to gain charges by just stacking on allies.




Variants and spell levels are changed

2 masq changing per turn instead of 1!!!

Classic mask variant now gives 1 ap instead of lock = free mask change!  Basic classic masq now gives 10% reduced damages. The masq effects cannot be unbewitched anymore and are now infinite on the Masq.


Agi: Now able to AP red with Picada -2 and Retention -3 - 1 max accumulation.


Str: ranged MP red spell now rapes more mp but cannot be stacked anymore.


2 spells deleted: Atabak & 5ap lifesteal water spell

2-masq spells (can be used with 2 different masks), some spells have been changed to be used with 2 masks (such as Ponteira)

2 new spells: 

-> Carnavalo: 3ap, 1-3 range, 15 cri, 5 turn cd.. Deals damage in the best element, pushes the target and apply a shield on the caster. Yes it does all 3. 1 of the 3 effects is buffed depending on the current active mask. Changing the masq reduces cd by 1. (24-28, 100% of the level as shield, pushes by 1. buffs: 29-33, 300% as shield, pushes by 3). Classic carnavalo is dope, 600 shield, other two give 200 shield. 3 cell pb one decent for pb mask.

Increased dmg one is hardly an increase but decent for all in. With 3 ap left, can switch back to classic for free (gives 1ap now) and shield self for 600 and u can hit ally or enemy to proc it


-> Transfiguration: 3 ap, 1-6 range, 6 delay. Apply an effect to the target depending of the masq. Changing the masq decreases the delay by 1. (effects are: -20% melee damages, healing received *50%, -20% ranged damages)


Diffraction modified: The amount of shield is modified depending of the distance between the Masq and the targets. (0-5 = 450%, 6-11 = 250%, 12+ = 50%)


Grimace (summon) is nerfed: hp 1500 -> 1200 (cause now it can be controlled which is HUGE)



Bestial form now allow “bark” spell to make you unmovable and give you 2mp

Bestial form can now TACKLE, but still cannot be tackled


Prey variant Venison now increases the damages inflicted to the target by 10% instead of applying lifesteal effect (effect still last 3 turns)


Snuggletooth, Rcanine’s variant heals 5% of max hp, costs 1 ap and reduces rage… insane. 5k max hp >  250 heal. R-canine is now 150% power for 3 turns, the extra turn is so nice!


“Canine channel” now applies an effect to the Prey that spreads 50% of the received damages in a 2 range AoE.

“Call of the Pack” now attracts every ally from 4 tiles to the target if it’s the Prey.


Tetanisation nerfed -4 to -3 mp rape


Ouginak’s shield cannot be unbewitched directly (can still be unbewitched by applying pb damages)


“Affection” heals an ally by 7%


Shield’s variant now apply shield if the ougi suffer an MP red


Bloodhound now attracts every target in a cross shaped area around the prey - really nice, you can use tailing now and still have an attract that removes ivory (note: new ivory is harder to


Amarok now gives 10% melee resistance to the allies around the target - STACKS WITH WATCHDOG


CARRION IS 3 AP WITH RESPECTABLE DMG but only 10% ero, 2 turns


Stripping got it’s base damages lowered, is upped to 5ap cost, but still got a big damage buffs if allies are melee with the target


Yapper is controllable via summon mastery


No nerf to sniff, thank fuck



New common spell allowing every class to take control of their invocations. The spell works on an “Enable/Disable” pattern.

The spell is free (costs 1 ap, gives back 1 ap)

Don’t know how to get this yet, can’t find on beta. Beehive one said it’s at [UNKNOWN_TEXT_ID_876463] [8,-31] but we don’t know how to get there




20k achievs -> ANIMATED ORNAMENT


New pandala dim achievs




Dimensions, abysses etc are now available via the world map (M)

You can now access a zone with GPS




Conney, enu dmg share and living bag, all sadi summons, hupper guardian, yapper, pandawasta can be controlled which means sadi turns will be aids hhh


Huppers pb: They already talked about that, they don’t want to set a patch too quick, they know it’s too strong, THEY THINK YOU DON’T SEE THEM ENOUGH


Sram jinx reduced from 5 to 4 ap which is huge for that 46-50 water crit steal















Edited by Juse
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8 hours ago, Juse said:

Ebony: Stats doesn’t change

Passive -> Attacking ranged AND melee in a single turn allows your next attack to apply a poison for 2 turns. Can be applied multiple times a turn. No more 10% buff.

Haven't been able to log into the beta yet. Does the poison apply if the damages were done to allies, or more importantly allied summons? Or do these attacks have to be on enemies.


Edit: Just tried and the answer is yes.

Edited by Kiba
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