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Sinister Minds [Jahash]

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Hello, everyone! I would like to introduce our new family we are building Sinister Minds! the guild itself is quite small, but that's how we would like it to be a small tight knit community to help one another and have a family like atmosphere without any cliques leaving others out from activities.

Our guild is based on the philosophy of family, in such we are usually quite helpful willing to help in dungeons/quests/fights/farming etc. Our guild is english speaking , and we are part of a CAF alliance. 

Guild Level: 82

Membership Number: 146

Average Level: 143

Although our family may be small our hearts are big! Come join Sinister Minds a place you can call home!

Message one of the following people to join or join our discord if you are interested in joining.


Mikecheck- Diplomat

Deku- Second in Command

Ougiwan- Second in Command.

Io-Curtis- Second in Command.


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That Xelor Doe.

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  • Eternallyfe changed the title to Sinister Minds [Jahash]

Updated, With new guild name, member count,  average level  and contact information. 

That Xelor Doe.

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20 hours ago, Piotr aka Young Boar said:

How is Jahash population? Is it worth playable?

So Jahash's population in comparison to say Ilyzaelle is lacking, i won't lie. We have about 2 active English guilds[Mine included] and one other.  Our community is quite small for the english population but it's also what makes our server great, we  can level profs, our EN community is quite helpful.  So overall to answer your question, if you don't mind smaller communities then it's definitely playable! i'd definitely recommend it  if you arent a big fan of  large servers like myself. 

That Xelor Doe.

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Updated, Members! Levels and Average Level!  Currently the most active English guild on jahash! and definitely the most helpful around on the server 🙂 come check us out if your on Jahash! 

That Xelor Doe.

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Updated, Membership count, new alliance,  average level! 

That Xelor Doe.

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