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Hello guys it's Freddy from Echo! Just recently completed my 4th 200. I now made a panda tank. With resistance to stand against all the monsters and viscous lock to hold them, this set is not super expensive it was made all in about under the the cost of an ivory.  Perfect resist and 212 lock 5434 hp. What do you guys think!? Yay or nay



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I've seen people use the Pawl Ouatnos ring over the Deep Sea, not sure if that's a better switch or not.


Overall, looks great!

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The only real optimizations left here (and I say optimizations because your set is perfectly serviceable as is and doesn't really need further improvements unless you have a huge amount of excess money to sink into it) are to:


1.) Get an Ivory Dofus.

2.) Fit in a Lady Jhessica's Belt to the set.

3.) Exomage %melee resistance onto pieces.


That's what I've done for my tank, at the very least. If you're not interested in doing any of that (and I don't blame you if you're not, except for perhaps the Ivory) then your set is perfectly good in my opinion.


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Personally I would suggest exomaging 8 Lock Transcendence runes on where possible (any item that naturally has 5 lock or less) and then overmage res% where any fall below 42%, then do Melee Res% with the remaining.


One thing I do wish to trial at some stage is putting RANGE res% onto my pandas set to see if I can lure monsters into Melee Range and sit locked...

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Upon further thought, I've decided to just share my setup for my panda in case you want a stretch goal. P:




The exomages are: 

Anerice Shield - 2% Fire Res
Slobberpuss' Collar - 1% Melee Res
Paztek Sandals - 1% Melee Res

Lady Jhessica's Belt - 8 Lock

Anerice Cloak - 1% Melee Res

Dreggon Helment - 8 Lock

Aermyne's Rolling Pin - 1% Melee Res

Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (1) - 1 AP

Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (2) - 2% Melee Res (I got super fucking lucky with this)


The end result is an 11/6/6 50/50/50/50/50 200 Lock 31% Melee res tank panda with 3529 Initiative (who applies -50 Lock to enemies she ends next to) that has an Ivory on top of that.


Oh, and you don't need an MP exo. :')


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