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Information on No-Face

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I've decided to create a small corner which could also be used in the future by whoever wants to kill this thing (Lost Dimension bounty) since information is extremely scarce. I've asked around and I couldn't glean much of an understanding on how this bounty works and how it is best defeated.


What we know:

-Goes invisible on turn 1 but once found never goes invis again

-Summons 1 pouch per turn with 100 lock, 2.5k hp & shield and a glyph around them

-Gains around 9-10k hp per turn (though there seems to be some way to prevent that)

-Hit damage compounds the more you leave him alive, totaling to almost 2.5k-3k per hit eventually

-Steals ap in aoe


What we don't know:

-What the pouch gylphs do (they seem to be somehow correlated to killing No-Face)

-How to prevent No-Face from gaining 9-10k hp per turn


If you've killed No-Face in the past and can shed some light on how to kill it, please do so! Thanks a lot 🙂 

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My friend and I killed him.


He is apparently a very easy bounty to kill. Each character must hit him at least once per turn for him to not gain (as much) vitality each turn. If this is done, he is extremely easy to handle.

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