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Hey everyone,


I'm looking to stop breeding (I don't play regularly anymore), and I'm looking to sell all of my dragoturkeys. 


I have the following kinds (in no particular order)


Plum and emerald (120)

Plum (74)

Ebony (37)

Ivory and turquoise (14)

Emerald and crimson (4)

Crimson (63)

Plum and indigo (15)

Ivory (224)

Ginger (28)

Turquoise (181)

Emerald and orchid (16)

Golden and ebony (5)

Golden and emerald (34)

Emerald (416)

Plum and ivory (3)

Plum and ginger (28)

Indigo and ginger (6)

Emerald and ivory (60)

Emerald and indigo (10)

Almond and ivory (4)

Plum and turquoise (18)

Plum and orchid (5)

Ivory and ginger (7)

Ivory and crimson (8)

Emerald and turquoise (16)

Emerald and ginger (125)

Crimson and ginger (3)

Plum and turquoise (2)

Plum and ebony (9)

Orchid (38)

Indigo and ivory (3)

Indigo (19)

Golden and orchid (41)

Golden and ivory (50)

Ebony and indigo (36)

Ebony and crimson (9)

Almond and ginger (12)

Almond and ebony (7)

Turquoise and orchid (4)

Turquoise and ginger (5)

Turquoise and crimson (3)

Plum and crimson (43)

Golden an ginger (7)

Feathered (3)

Armoured (4)

Plum and golden (3)

Plum and almond (3)

Orchid and ginger (4)

Orchid and crimson (3)

Ivory and orchid (2)

Indigo and turquoise (3)

Indigo and crimson (5)

Indigo and orchid (3)

Ebony and turquoise (3)

Ebony and ginger (3)

Ebony and orchid (2)

Ebony and ivory (2)

Ebony and emerald (18)

Golden and turquoise (2)

Golden and crimson (6)

Golden and indigo (6)

Almond and turquoise (3)

Almond and crimson (5)

Almond and orchid (3)

Almond and indigo (4)

Almond and emerald (7)

Almond and golden (4)

Golden (13)

Almond (45)


Note: the numbers in parentheses indicate the number for that kind of dragoturkey. 


While I am not sure about a fixed price per mount, I am (obviously) looking for offers that are worth more than the dragoturkey's characteristic scroll price equivalent.


For example: emerald dragoturkeys can be exchanged for powerful strength scrolls, and these are worth close to 40kk/u. Therefore, I will not accept any offers under that price per emerald dragoturkey. 


Some mounts are level 1, some are level 5; some are fertile, some are not;  some have special characteristics (reproductive, chameleon, etc.), some do not. However, as there are so many dragoturkeys, I will not charge different prices for those. 


Pm me if you have offers or questions! 




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17 hours ago, Veldin said:

Are these pures?

It's a very mixed bag. Most are not pure, but some of the emerald, ivory, turquoise and plum mounts are pure I think. If there were not so many mounts, I would have checked each individually, but checking 2300 mounts' genealogical histories  (or whatever number it is) is too much work for me to be bothered with. 

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Are they still available ?




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