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Best 4 man PVM team?

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Hey guys, as I'm pondering whether I should return I was thinking about the question in the title. My team right now is the following but I'm not hesitant to change my setup after so many years of playing with the same team.


Panda 200 (tank)

Sram 200 (str/int/agi)

Eni 200 (int/heals)

Iop 200 (str)


I'd like to complete top-tier dungeons and quests, something which I was unable to do with this team given that I had no mp rape/elio portals and whatnot to stabilize monsters.


I'd appreciate any input. Thanks 🙂 

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I can only comment on the content up to Turtelonia as I've not touched that or anything after it, but that team composition should find MOST dungeons reasonably doable (possibly some build tweaks for some dungeons).


Frigost 1/2/3 should all be simple with that team comp along with Protoz'orror.


You may find Dazahk a little tricky at first just while you learn some of the basics - but your panda will basically just tank the 3 monsters and your sram will keep Dazahk busy, Iop/Eni deal with the monsters. Easy win.


Nidas - Simple dungeon, just smash everything.

Queen of Thieves - You have very limited range damage, you might have some difficulty here but as long as you're not regularly running it I guess 🙂

Vortex - Same as QOT, lack of range damage will make this trickier than it has to be. Not enough mob control in my opinion but not impossible to do

Catseye - Easy enough - Panda tanks Catseye, team mess up the monsters. Job done.


Abyssal Dungeons: Sram solos. Done.

Tal Kasha: Sram/Panda can set up vulns easily enough - Sram/Iop/Eni for finishing off monsters. Easy job - Keep an eye on that Jackal.

Anerice: I don't think anyone really does this except when quests/achievements call for it, as there's no reward at all from what I can see - Worst case get your Iop as a Ghoul, panda carries Iop and tanks the mob, Iop smashes everything. Done.

Ilyzaelle: Can be a tricky fight but I did my Duo with Sram/Panda so, I'm fairly sure you can pull off this dungeon with a Iop/Eni helping 🙂 Sram placing the right traps in the right places will cause the mob to run away basically ❤️ Panda can put Ilyzaelle in Gravity until you're ready to do sufficient damage to Ilyzaelle to put into the first state (approx 1/4 of HP damaged?) - Pop Ilyzaelle away and in gravity state with panda locking on the turn that the glyph runs out. Then just rinse and repeat, Iop will basically do most of the damage here with Accumulation and Fit of Rage.



Solar: Panda MUST tank Solar! Especially as it's about to go into it's 2nd state - grav state may help, been a long time ... Once it's in 2nd state, use Necronyx and it'll skip to the 3rd state - saving you a LOT of further damage ❤️

Make sure you put Necronyx on each of the 3 monsters and just kill them ASAP with your team. Solar can only be harmed in the 4th State, and you MUST put Necronyx on Solar again before he dies or the whole team is wiped. NOTE: Solar switches to the next state (has 4 states) if it has Necronyx on it when it starts turn, make sure when you're killing Solar, you only place Necronyx on it if you're about to kill 🙂


Bethel: Too lazy to write a guide of sorts on it - just stay within 6 range of a monster every turn! Team comp can easily do this though 🙂 Iop/Eni/Panda can boost Dagon damage vs Bethel a LOT as well...



Key changes you may find useful are:


Sram: Full Agi sets for some dungeons such as Sufokian/Abyssal or whatever - where you can pretty much solo the dungeons and get all achievements including duo's for your team, easily raking in some reward (If you're ever short, just leech some more people for money!)


Panda: Make sure you don't JUST have a tank set, it's always handy to have your panda able to do some damage! Possibly look at a Strength/Lock Tank set if need be so it can at least deal some Filthipint damage if need be while you're killing off some monsters!

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Мэякатоя: Level 200 Omni Eliotrope

Bworker: Level 200 Str Iop

Tanukoui-San: Level 200 Cha Panda

Мэгкатоя: Level 200 Int Eni



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Thank you so much for your reply. I decided to drop the iop for a rogue to have better map control while still dishing a ton of damage. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the dungeons I have in mind. Thanks again 🙂 

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Not bad 😄 I'm slowly integrating back into the game 1 character at a time - So far I've gone back to Omni/Crit Elio (Idk why but I find it fun to play... very versatile and I don't find that you lose all that much damage compared to mono builds?) and just brought back my lock panda! So now my panda just sits there tanking hits in dreams while the elio safely hits from a distance, with the occasional use of Diffusion/Virus to full heal the Panda 😉 Just got to add some damage dealers back in and good to go!

Мэякатоя: Level 200 Omni Eliotrope

Bworker: Level 200 Str Iop

Tanukoui-San: Level 200 Cha Panda

Мэгкатоя: Level 200 Int Eni



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