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Retro Still Active?

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I guess i am just curious to know if Retro is still active? and if so whats the most active server? i remember when i quit it was really populated on all servers. 

That Xelor Doe.

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If the chatter on the french forum is accurate + the decline of the 1.x wiki searches are an indicator, it's on a decline now.  Some french are saying that the merger needs to happen now because the servers are dying.  People are tired of waiting for the merger (mounts/houses/etc..).


Now Eratz is still busy for sure and there are servers that still seem busy (Algathe).  If anybody were to start retro "now", I would encourage them to team up with the Under the Edge guild on Henual.  Those guys continue to stick to it and have for years.

Currently playing Eratz (1.29 version)

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