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Trip Down Memory Lane

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I was going through my old folder for Dofus-related stuff and found all of the art people have done for me, in the past. I can't remember all of the artist's names but hopefully viewers can aid in that. I miss these days - thanks for these. ❤️




A piece by nomie, towards the end of my play-time when I had 16 or so characters...


Art by Kaitah, reflecting my lil' obsession over N'.


I can't read the signature but I feel like I used to know the artist well. 😧


I can't remember the artist for this one either.


Forgot the name of this artist as well. ;.;


I forget the name of the artist but this was near the time of one of those tournaments. n_n;


I can't remember who drew this bu my god. ❤️


A cute little signature piece by Aiera-Lyn


Art by Angelock - the official first drawing of my character.


Art by Grimme - some of the earliest art of my characters, shortly before hitting 100.

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Art by Nomie


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