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Ambusher leaf       300 kamas   ea
Zoth fabric              3.4kk  
royal blue jelly       105kk
Tynril amber           650kk
Kristalite                 50kk
Dopple stone          45kk
Tynril bark               90kk  
Zoth tab                   35kk
Zoth shinbone        35kk
Zoth handkerchief  40kk
Kurasso petal         70kk
Dark pikoko nut     60kk
Tynril pistil              14kk
Tynril skin               250kk
Raw mother          3.3kk
Gwass sepal          1.4kk
Kido beak             17kk
Great coral           90kk
Flint                       200 kamas
Kurasso/passaoh/mahlibuk/mojeeto bulb 400 kamas
kokonut       60 kamas
kokostraw     50 kamas
Coralator coccyx   350 kamas  
rat fang          60 kamas
kilibriss down    2kk
broken spear      300 kamas
glukoko petal     350 kamas
captain shorts     5kk
lemon jelly     3kk
moon skin    60kk
magic moon fabric   700kk
moon hairs        40kk
kokoko leaf   600 kamas
glu                150 kamas

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