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[CLUSTUS] 100 Jewelmagus - Gelano Swap + Exo-Maging

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Clustus is struggling for English speakers, so I'm not sure how many of them will find themselves here, however, I've recently hit 100 jewelmagus and I've been touting the following services:

Gelano Swap:


I regularly mage Gelanos. I hold a stock of +vit and +int gelanos which I would be happy to swap with you for your normal gelano + kamas.


An example:

100 Vit 1AP Gelano = 800kk in market.

Your Gelano cost you 200-250kk.


I would accept 575kk + Gelano for the 100 Vit maged one.


Justification of pricing including my profit in the BEST circumstance:


Gelano 200kk

AP Rune 250kk

Pa Vi Runes (to use all sink) 100kk

Vi runes to knock the AP (per 100) 10kk


In this scenario, it cost me 360kk to mage the gelano and you paid 575kk - not a terrible mark-up.


However, if the AP rune fails to go back on 1st time (uncommon, but not rare), I make a loss. If it takes 400 vi runes to knock off the AP (happens all the time), I make less.


If you would prefer to chance your luck at exotic-maging, I would be happy to facilitate as below.


Exotic Mage:


Whilst the server is new and I cannot afford the inherent gambling that is exotic-maging, I'll let you try!


The cost of my service will depend on the following:


  • time taken
  • level of item
  • whether you succeed or fail


I.e. if you try 200 MP runes on a Gelano and it takes 10 minutes and you fail them all, I'm not going to bust your balls for payment.

      if you try 20 AP runes on a Kringlove and it takes 3 hours because I have to keep fixing the item, fail or not, I'm gonna need a lil something something.

I'm not unreasonable, if we discuss I'm sure we can come to an agreement.



SO there we are. I hope to catch you all (someone, anyone?) in-game!



Whom (alts: Brexit, Breakfast, Hi)

(Back in Shika, I was 'Softyy' 200 iop - if you're from Shika hit me up!)

Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure.

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