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Re: Bots on Algathe

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As Ankama is evidently not interested in pursuing any sort of action against bots (they claim to have a tool that detects them - it's obviously not very good), and their presence on Algathe is at a level that's making me want to quit the game, I'm starting this thread to discuss what we can do about it as players.


Two things I have found to be effective so far, are:

-Some of these bots are written so poorly that they accept challenges, and can thus be disrupted for as long as you're prepared to monitor them.

-20 pod potatoes can be gathered for free from the basement of the city militias, and dropping them in places that bots will walk can overload them. Most seem to bank their resources if they reach a certain capacity, so the goal is to drop more than they can move with.

(I am aware that both of these methods can theoretically be coded around, so use them while you can)


Other things to be considered are whether we should come up with an alternate means to using the markets, as they are undoubtedly being monopolized by the owners of these bots.


It may also pay for as many of us as possible to make a stink about it on the official forums.


Please post your ideas.

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I know what you mean about Ankama not doing piss about the bots.
I added all the ones I found to my enemy list so I could keep track of when they get removed.
And they are all still online and on my enemy list.

Tot acknowledged how well Retro is doing.
You would think that given how popular it is right now they would make a little effort into keeping the people playing it happy.

But no, instead they add more tidbits to the retro store and say "We will make QOL changes in the future" instead of attempting to work on issues right now.
I'm stuck at 30 miner because of those bots.

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Keeping contact lists clean.
One enemy at a time.

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