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Retro Client issues since the update???

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Hi guys,

I returned to Dofus for retro 2 weeks ago and have had no issues whatsoever with the client loading etc. However, following the update which included Halloween Gobballs, I've recently been having issues loading the game and whilst in game.

Some symptoms:


  • Client not loading fully and freezing at 50% (before you log in)
  • If the client loads, it does not appear as usual but with some source code displayed client side or says that there is 'No Server Address'.
  • Occasionally in-game when I go to a new map, I receive the error 'Impossible to load map data', which has not fixed itself since yesterday and my enu is stranded unable to change map. 

In order to fix the issue, I've tried the following:


  • Restart computer.
  • Uninstall and reinstall both Dofus Retro and the Ankama Launcher.
  • Tried to 'Repair' using the Launcher.
  • Cleared Cache when I was in the game. This worked a couple of times yesterday but usually doesn't.


Anyone have any idea? It seems to be a problem with the update they put out rather than on my end. I've had a few friends say they get stuck on the loading screen but not at 50%, some other point.


Interested to see if this can be responded to by a member of Ankama staff? I would be happy to wait for a fix if they are aware of the issue.


Thanks for reading.

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On 10/24/2019 at 10:45 AM, Softy said:

Interested to see if this can be responded to by a member of Ankama staff?

Try the official forum for that. I think Ankama staff still read the discussion areas on IV but I doubt they'll click into here any time soon.

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