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The Other Side of the Mirror - the Eliatrope Room Puzzle

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So today Ankama unlocked the last step of the Other side of the mirror quest, we now have to open the last room with a lovely puzzle that requires some community coordination, this has to be done only once for the whole server, after that we can go kick some of the staff' asses to complete the quest.


There are 4 rooms to fill:

Room 1 requires 6 characters in gobball set and 2 with a gelano.

Room 2 requires 8 chars with at least 1 primordial dofus.

Room 3 requires chars at the following levels:

  • lvl 25:
  • lvl 50: Perplex (bricolbob)
  • lvl 75:
  • lvl 100:
  • lvl 125:
  • lvl 150:
  • lvl 175: Sniper-Sword (Jonttuboy)
  • lvl 200

Room 4 requires 8 eliotropes: Fractal (Scour), Tiboosted (Jonttuboy), Soercsial


I suggest we list who's available for this puzzle and in what role (I'll update the first post). Rooms 1 and 2 should be no issue to fill but just in case feel free to make one (or more) gobbal set. It'd be great if we could do it this weekend so please also mention during what times you're available.



There's no need to have done the quest to enter these rooms

The rooms can be found in the Eliotrope temple (17,32), go to the right then talk to the Sleeping Eliotrope

The room codes are:

  1. 02122009 (tiles 0 and 2 require having a full goball set equiped, tiles 1 and 9 require having a gelano equiped)
  2. 41562119
  3. 01234578 or 01234579
  4. 35997509






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I have 6 accounts, all 200. I can fulfill the Gobball sets/Gelano reqs and the primordial Dofus reqs, and more importantly 1 of those 6 characters is an Eliotrope. 


Count me in as one of the Elios (name is Fractal). The rest you can put me in any 5 spots. 🙂

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I have a total of 8 level 200 accounts, one of which has a lvl 200 elio in it. Only three of these are subscribed at the moment, but if needed, I can sub them to create / access characters for the level room or the elio room. I have a level 174 on my main account (subbed), a level 146 on another and a level 75 on a third (these are not subbed). The first two I could easily get to the required levels 175 and 150 respectively. If a newly created elio is adequate for the rooms, i can create a few elios and fill a few spots in there for sure. Nevertheless, you can count me in the level room, and if necessary, i can help with filling the gobball set and primordial dofus rooms with extra accounts.

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