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[Raffle] Summer's Almost Out!

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Break out the Pimm's and your best shades because there are hot prizes to be won! 


Enter between now and the end of summer (23rd September) and three of you could win a Haven Bag or Class Emote of your choice*



*Based on those available within the Dofus Boutique at the time of prize allocation 

*Prizes available on all 2.x servers 


How to enter:

1) Take a screenshot of your Dofus character and a companion enjoying someplace warm in the World of Twelve,

2) Post your screenshot(s) in a reply below along with something you'd like to do/achieve by next summer,

2a) Please also include the character name and server that any prize should be allocated to.


For Example:




I'd like to visit Copenhagen on a weekend away for those sw33t instagram pictures 


IGN: Unicorns-Arereal, Server: Echo


Prize Allocation: 

- 2/3 winners will be selected randomly from all valid entries in this thread

- The remaining prize will be awarded to the valid entry with the highest number of likes/reactions


Entries close at 18:00 DST on 23/09/19 and winners will be announced soon after.


Happy Tanning ❤️

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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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IS THIS PLACE WARM ENOUGH? Working all day long, no holidays ... and NOT ENOUGH KAMAS OF COURSE 


I would like to change my job, pls help


IGN: Myah 



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Thanks to all those who participated!


Congratulations to:

@Khai (highest reaction count)




Please can you each send me a PM with your desired prize of either a Haven Bag or Emote from the below lists:



Haven Bags


These will then be allocated to the character named in your entry post.

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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Yeah, big congrats to everyone who posted an image here - especially whichever unsung hero provided Rob with that sample photo, what a selfless and probably incredibly handsome person he must be.

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