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B> Breedable High Gen Seemyools

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Needed types:

Ginger and Ivory

Turquoise and Ivory

Plum and Indigo

Plum and Ginger

Plum and Almond

Plum and Ivory

Crimson and Emerald

Orchid and Emerald

Indigo and Emerald

Golden and Emerald

Ginger and Emerald

Almond and Emerald

Ivory and Emerald



They need to be breedable (at least 2-3 available)

Trees aren't really important

Ideally I would want a pair of two genders but if you have 2-3 of the same genders (or any at all) it is fine



I believe 250kk/mount (500kk/pair) is a fair price, but the price can be changed. 


Contact me in game, I am usually online. IGN: Azaknami




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