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LF someone (or team) for doing ivory quests together

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Hi everyone, "krachleur" cra 199 (omni opti for pvm ), it's been a while since I got my turq and crimson after months of struggling, now I got bored questing alone with almost no help, then just thinking about doing a sort of difficult set of quests (ivory and ebony) can't stand it, and can't even start and I'm sick and tired about asking strangers, some are kind, others want K for their "Helping" service, and others dont have time to help.

So Im looking for a kind person or persons who also want to start ivory quest, so that we can't feel bored and to enjoy the game together.

Thanx, Peace.

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I wish you luck in finding someone to quest with! 🙂 Do you already have the alignment quests done for Ivory, or would you want a partner for those too? :0


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ok If you want, I start today the alignment quests, if you could plz tell me with what I could start or where I could go firstly then I can follow dofuswiki (need just a clue 😉 ), I can go for the same alignment as you if you want to do quests together, BTW the times I play , after 19.30 GMT, or 7.30 PM GMT .

Thanx man.

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