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After joining our alliance I can confirm they aren't mulilogging 😉

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skrt skrt
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2 hours ago, Xephyre said:

I would call multi log as well if I lost so often :^)

Funny since you actually did, and people got banned for not even multi logging, unlike you, who hasn't gotten banned YET for actually multi logging, especially when you even admit it to people and we have screenshots of you actually admitting it, pretty funny tbh

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1 thing is sure, if it isn't fair it isn't fair. When ankama removed agroing and ganging the fuck out of people, they added restrictions, so if that wasn't fair, i don't see how u say get good. Haha. I mean I could get a team that's set up for percs, but multilog is prohibited, I hate Uthman so defo not siding with anyone, I just find it sad that ankama don't treat everybody equally 😉

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(Team) Thuck: gonna go gym, need to cut for goultard


(Alliance) Rasta-Rokets: serveur don't actif


 (Trade) Ryu-roo: lf a 200 jeweller can pay


[19:02] (Trade) Stan-eni: sell [Orchid and Crimson Seemyool] 9m / [Crimson Seemyool] 2m/ [Golden and Orchid Seemyool] 3m all camel !!!!

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