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I was wondering what class goes best with xelor? or what would be a good 2 character team to have in 1,29? currently my xelors wisdom/agi and is 76. 

That Xelor Doe.

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Xelor is good to play as Int at lower levels (until 145). Class that works well with it is Agi Iop (level 80 set). They can be a good team, however I recommend more chars (team of 4 at least) as you have no achiv such as duo here or anything like that, so you basically don't have to limit yourself only to duo team. Also you can join our guild and company there if you play on Eratz, we will help you as much as we can with kind of stuff you're gonna need such as leveling and giving advice what you should or should not do. 🙂

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whats you're guild name?

That Xelor Doe.

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