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Summons' spells descriptions

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I can see the details of the osa's spells BUT... what about the details of summons' spells?

Are they written somewhere else? Am I blind? Any other English source?



Kiki 💮

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You have to get in the game and see for yourself, which is a pain because summons' turns last for 15 seconds and there are 36 spells to check.


For my part, I only know the tofu spells by now.


Black tofu: A normal 2 range attack with 2 casts per target, a spell that teleports symetrically at 1 range and does damage once per turn, and a rune that you place and at the end of the turn the tofu gets teleported there.

White tofu: A 2 range attack that hits hard the first time but a bit weaker the second time, 2 casts per target; a 2 AoE 0 range spell that gives 1 PM by enemy hit once per turn, and a 2 range position swap spell.

Fat tofu: a 1range spell that pushes 4 cells and brings you 4 cells closer (like eca's audacity), a spell that does the same but has 3 range and gives 2 PM, and a 1 square AoE spell with 0 range that teleports targets symetrically if used twice on the same spot.

El-Matematico 200 agi osa

El-Psicologo 200 str/cha zobal

El-Cronologo 200 cha xelor
El-Geologo 200 int sadi
- Rubilax -

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Thank you for your reply. 


I already tried to check the summons' spells while in fight but it's a bit frustrating to be honest...


I don't understand why Ankama didn't write the descriptions this time 😞

Kiki 💮

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