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Severe Rollback Glitches

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I'm on the server Echo and have 7 characters. A day ago my friend was rolled back and no one else we knew was. But today, I logged into my accounts and found that they have been "partially" rolled back.

I noticed I still have the achievement points I earned yesterday, yet I sold a Green Piwin for 5.4mk and now both the original kamas from the sale and the Green Piwin are nowhere to be found. On my other characters, some of them no longer have completed a bounty quest that I completed TWO days ago on my entire team. I lost all the scrolling I did for my enu as well and since the rollbacks appear to vary for each character, it won't be easy to make up for it. I'm assuming this is all a huge glitch. I opened up a support ticket as well. I also don't know how many other people are being affected by it but it appears all 7 characters of mine have been affected.

I'm also wondering how the support team usually reacts to these kind of issues and what kind of compensation I might receive once they review the ticket. God help me if they're only going to offer those compensokens for all this damage. Thank you...hope to hear from someone soon or others experiencing something similar...


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One of my chars is rolled back at least a day, while the other four are not.  Heard the same from some others.  Unless they can restart the server and bring us all back to the same place, it sounds like they will have to rollback everyone soon.

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GUess that explains where my 20 levels of farmer went. Good old Ankama

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This time around Ankama have actually asked players to raise a ticket with all the information possible around what you've lost progress wise and anything to do with inventory changes, so if I were you make a detailed ticket with everything you've done over the last few days and pray to the gods your progress is returned.

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Thank God I was dying to Koutoulou on these days so made no progress in game to lose anything :v)

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