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pre-nerf Event Belt 8% crits, 2range +overmaged stats

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I have two of these for sale which I overmaged pre-nerf.  I don't have the full stats to hand, but they are both excellent pre-nerf event belt overmages.


40+ int

40+ cha


8 damages

8% crits

2 range


I don't really know what these OP pre nerf items go for, but I'm thinking 2mk each is probably fair?


I also have one with only 1 range, but still has the other great stats, including 8% crits.  Perhaps 1mk for that one?


Let me know if you have any guidance as to what these might sell for and if I'm pricing horribly cheaply or expensively!


/w anatoly 

Anatoly, Level 200 cra - Like a phoenix from the flames!

Gerbert, Level 200 enu - *Rubs old man balls*

Cupcakes, 199 pandar - *Rubs old man balls*

Patched, nub eni - All patched up and ready to roll!


Bodger, Level 199 eni - RIP my little buddy

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