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Class Improvements: Osamodas and Sacriers

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A live stream on our Twitch channel just ended, covering details on the upcoming Sacrier and Osamodas class improvements. Here is a summary of the overall modifications that you can test out as of tomorrow.


With their new summon charge mechanic, Osamodas will now need to use their Elemental Spells to be able to summon their creatures. The purpose of these changes is to get Osamodas to actively participate in combat alongside their summons, rather than having to depend on them. This is why Osamodas can now control all their class summons. These changes will be accompanied by a range of new elemental spells that should create more exciting variant choices and make the game turns less monotonous.

Advantages of the new Osamodas over the current one:

  • Free control of all Osamodas summons.
  • A balance between elemental paths in terms of summons and spells.
    • One extra Air spell.
    • Two extra Earth spells.
    • Three extra Water spells.
    • Three extra Fire spells.
  • Better multi-elemental options.
  • All summons available from level 1.
  • Better performance in fights where summons are not an option.

Limitations of the new Osamodas compared to the current one:

  • Number of summons limited by spells.
  • The death of a summon is more cumbersome.
  • Summoning a particular creature requires planning.
  • Annihilation of "summon spam" at low level (hard blow for the Osamodas player).
  • Re-learning the class will be needed.



To make the Suffering system more flexible and exciting, Suffering will directly depend on the Sacrier’s Vitality. Each Vitality tier will correspond to a Suffering level: for example, a Sacrier at 50% to 40% of its max Vitality will have its Suffering at level 6. The Suffering can no longer be negative, and ranges from 0 to 10, with each Suffering tier/level granting bonuses ( on final damage dealt and reduction of final damage suffered) of increasing importance.

Sacriers can no longer deal significant amounts of damage (nor reduce them) while having all their Vitality; instead, they will have to take risks and suffer damage to be able to benefit from these bonuses, which translates into a more accurate representation of the 'berserker' role Sacriers are supposed to perform. Sacriers’ Vitality becomes a resource in its own right, which sometimes will have to be used in order to obliterate enemies, and sometimes preserved, in order to survive or protect allies by tanking. Therefore, this new Suffering system allows Sacriers who willingly put themselves in harm’s way to be better rewarded, and a Sacrier at death’s door will be too big of a threat, impossible for its enemies to ignore.

For this reason, Sacriers will have more tools to manipulate their Vitality, whether with self-mutilating spells or healing/life-steal spells, which will allow them to manage their Suffering at the same time as their Vitality.



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Osa has been so back and forth... I really hope this change is good, I would love to play them again. Can't wait for beta

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Extremely long and french changelog:


Osamodas: In short, using elemental spells give elemental charges. These range from 0 to 4. At 0 charges you can only summon an "informo", at 1 charge you can summon a black (melanique) summon based on your elemental state, at 2 you can summon an albino, at 3 you can summon a colored and at 4 you and your allies in a zone of 2 get bonuses.

There are 6 summoning spells that are the same, each representing a "summon slot" and having a utility spell as a variant. Say, you play with summoning 1, 3 and 4: this means that you can have 3 summons total. Reusing a summoning spell places the corresponding summon where you select (like recasting the coney while it's alive).

Summons have 3 spells, but they are unlocked by the level of the summoning spell. Each summon has its own spells that kind of interact with each other (of the same summon, not of other summons). In general, there's a decrease in summon mobility and placement.


Sacrier: Suffering is just a reflection of your missing HP%. Having 91-100% is 0 suffering, having 1%-10% is 10 suffering. It gives a bonus to final damage and damage reduction. They did that thing were they keep the old names but change everything else around which makes it hard to form a general idea for each build, but in general sacriers still have crap range. They have a bunch of effects for taking extra damage or reducing damage. A cool mechanic that they have is that now punishment and bloodthirsty madness (can damage enemies now) deal elemental damage based on your highest stat.

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Again Sacrier changes? I wish that they are going to be good 😅

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Beta is up, but characters aren't imported. Your professions get leveled to 200 and the NPC sells leveling scrolls for free (because everybody loves spamming scrolls), plus some gear that you can resell to generate infinite kamas.


The spell descriptions aren't fully translated (as in, som spells display the old description that isn't accurate). I tried mono agi osa and feel like there's zero depth to it. Some of the spells seem to be bugged and do nothing, like the third black tofu spell and the tofu transformation. Spells and variants always share the same element, so you're stuck with 3 attacks per element. Anyway, there needs to be a lot of bugfixes and a solution to the equipments problem before doing proper tests.

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With a Limit on 1 of Each unique summon, it looks like Multi-element Osas, or Osas that rotate their summons around is a viable style - which looks extremely cool to me. 

Also puts a hard cap on Solo builds - Solo any element is +2 summon gear (Or others for utility)

It also looks as though Summons have their own stats now (Maybe my stats were too even and I didn't notice the difference)
but Vit/Str with plenty of res and dragons means extremely tanky build possible...

Edited by Maheo

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There isn't a limit of 1 summon, the limit works by having 6 spells that represent 6 slots. You could potentially use all 6 spells to summon 1 albino tofu with each of them. However, there's no guaranteed spot, since each summoning spell has a utility spell as a variant. Choosing from what I find useful, I ended with summoning 1, 2 and 4 only. You still need + summons, by the way.


Summons have their own stats (as has always been the case) but they also have the mechanic of the osamodas sharing half of their characteristics with them. For the record, they all have a base of 350 elemental stats and 240 wisdom.


I tested sacriers and find them having the same issues as always. The primary concern is that they need to lose HP in a game with erosion. Since they get final damage reduction as the suffering goes up but erosion ignores it, they sort of act as having extra erosion on top. For example, I tested a sac with 4100 HP and to get 10 punishment for testing numbers I was already down to 3600 max HP. I'd change it so that using their many self damaging spells in considered as having -10% erosion (so effectively 0% if not under an external effect).

Edited by ElMatematico

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The bit about summons is not true - The changelog states this as well :

  • "It is no longer possible to cumulate the same Osamodas invocation twice."

I even logged on to be sure and this is the case. 

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