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Hi, all! 👋  I'm one of those old Dofus players -- like, I remember when dragoturkeys were first introduced -- returning to the game after several years' hiatus. I took a couple of breaks in between, too, so I'm used to relearning the game.


I stopped playing the last time a couple of months after Frigost opened. At the time, I had a level 160+ int/support Eni and a level 120+ agi Cra on Rosal. I started a new account because I wanted to learn the overhauled game from the ground up. I've currently got a level 40ish int eni and a level 20s agi/str osa on Echo (same account, so I solo each one). Since I'm not used to playing an osa, it's been easier to learn the character. There have been a lot of changes to the eni class that I'm still wrapping my head around. Plus, the world has changed (and grown!) so much.


I'm really enjoying exploring and relearning, but it's a lot to take in. I don't feel like I'm ready for a guild yet, but I would like to meet some people, so please don't hesitate to say hi if you see me in-game. 😃

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just another old player returning to dofus

Echo server | Pink-Flutter (int eni) | Sunny-Summons (agi/str osa)

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Welcome back. I’m currently on a break but spent the last day or so lurking IV and the forums. I don’t really have time to come back but i’m curious.


A lot has changed since you left. I can only say the game has got better, but whether you’ll have as much fun is up for debate. I came back on Echo for a bit, as well as playing DOFUS Touch. I played mono account (Ilyzaelle) for a while last year which was a lot of fun. I’d suggest if you were starting new and only playing on one account mono is well worth a look. If you plan to multi then Echo is the place to be.


My advice would be to enjoy the game and all the content. Quests and achievements etc as it really makes the game more fun. 

     Shika Echo                                                        Grandapan                                                  Ilyzaelle                                       

Mr-Bing - 200 Feca                                              Atlas - 199 Feca                                          Balu - 200 Feca

Mr-Yahoo - 199 Masq

Mr-Jeeves - 193 Sac






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Welcome back! I'm here playing again Dofus since like 2-3 weeks. I don't know everything, but if you have any questions, I'll answer them. Just message me in game - Salomea. Have Fun bro!

" Life is about makin' mistakes.
It's also about tryna be great."

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9 hours ago, Pink Flutter said:

..I don't feel like I'm ready for a guild yet...

A guild will probably help a lot, since it's your go to for asking questions easily. Other than cohesion guilds in Dofus have no real meaning, so in my opinion you're always ready for one. Perhaps not one full of end-game teams, but there are plenty of all-round level guilds around. 

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