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Dofus Tools

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Hey guys, 


So I've been away for like a year or so and just got back to the game like a month ago. Been having so much fun in Dofus again and I noticed some new/updated websites, and also some dofus related sites that went down. Now I was wondering, are there more dofus addons/tools/whatever you want to call it that I am not aware of, or that will be released soon? Figured it might be smart to make a list for people like me who wish they knew about these ages ago. So, I'll update this when I stumble across new ones or people notify me of the ones I'm not aware of.



Not online anymore:

  • dofusplanner.com


Sites still being updated:


  • dofusfashionista.com (Dofus set creator with automatic set creator tool)
  • dofusgo.com (TreasureHunt tool and WorldMap)
  • dofuswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Dofus_Wiki (Dofus Wiki)
  • dofusbook.net (French Set Creator, Damage Calculator, etc.)
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DofusBook 😎

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