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1.29 Servers

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Is it just me or are the server names just gone.

I have no clue as to which server I am going to start on.
I wanna pick Henual due to the higher english presence there over Eratz but I have not the foggiest which is which.
Ankama says that it works better using the beta launcher, but it won't install for me so meh.

Looks a little something like this to me.



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That's in the introduction of my thread in which you posted 😂.


Second is Henual. Ask in /r for Under The (inorite?) Edge .


Just tell whoever you get in touch with, that we've been in contact here.


Ling-Ling (my Henual nick).

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Ah I see.
I basically skimmed most of the posts in order to get a general idea of how popular 1.29 was from a community viewpoint considering how dead 2.0 servers are.
Kinda wish they could have just added the names of the servers....

It will be a while before I actually get started.
I'm kinda lost about how I want to play and how often I can play (My other hobby,as much as I like it,is rather taxing).

However,I am kinda surprised that you chose to remake Under the Edge on 1.29 rather than Blank itself.

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