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Update 2.51 Changelog

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  • The vestiges of Zaaps have been found in various places around the World of Twelve and the dimensions. What's more, it would seem that all the Zaaps have started to malfunction.
    • The Incarnam and Astrub zones, and the cities of Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia, and Amakna Village are not concerned.
  • The monster star system has been replaced by a new area bonus/penalty system. Details of this new feature are available in this Devblog article.
  • Ten temporal anomalies have been added for this update. Each corresponds to an era and contains its own emblematic character. They are:
    • Creation of Xelor's Clock (year 0) > Rushu's Larvae
    • Djaul's trickery and the birth of Bolgrot (year 10) > Shuccubus
    • Crimson Dawn, the emblematic battle between Bonta and Brakmar (year 26) > Crimson Dawn Champion
    • Third war between Bonta and Brakmar (year 388) > Julith
    • End of Leorictus's reign in Bonta (year 567) > Leorictus the Grimacing King
    • Shortly before Ogrest's Chaos (year 788) > Noximilian the Clockmaker
    • Ogrest's Chaos (year 789) > Dathura
    • Percimol's adventure (year 865) > Percimol
    • End of Korvus Korbiau's career (year 961) > Black Crow
    • Discovery of the ancient Tower of the Brotherhood (year 974) > Unearthed Agony



  • A new event zone is available. It offers adventurers:
    • 3 new monster families to fight,
    • new quests to complete (including 9 repeatable activities),
    • 37 new achievements to complete,
    • new rewards, and
    • new equipment (including 3 sets).



  • The Infinite Dreams button is no longer deactivated while in the Dreams, and now lets you return to the world on the Normal and Epic servers. The tooltips on this button have been changed to warn players that they are entering an aggression area on the Heroic server.
  • Various improvements have been made to the Infinite Dreams interfaces:
    • The room name has been added when hovering over the portal or in the guardian selection interface.
    • Rewards are now sorted (rewards in dream points, then in fragments).
    • Various texts and tooltips have been modified.
  • Reward names have been added to the corresponding tooltips.
  • All visual references to overall erosion have been removed.
  • The world map can no longer be opened when in the Infinite Dreams.
  • Characters are no longer in danger of finding themselves on a dungeon keeper's map when they disconnect during a fight in the Infinite Dreams and the server restarts.
  • Toxoliath's Nightmare: The glyph is generated on the start-of-turn cell, and not on the start-of-combat cell.
  • Batofu's Nightmare: The effect is applied correctly.
  • Dazahk Freezammer's Paradox: The effect is applied correctly when no enemy is in close contact with an ally when the ally starts their turn.
  • El Piko's Paradox: The effects are triggered properly when El Piko is in the Tactic C state.
  • Nileza's Paradox: The effect no longer applies when an ally is pushed or attracted.
  • The Batofu's Paradox description matches its effect.
  • The effects of the following modifiers appear correctly:
    • Crocabulia's Nightmare
    • Kanigrula's Nightmare
    • Drhossil's Nightmare
    • Solar's Paradox
    • Count Harebourg's Paradox
    • Missiz Freezz's Dream
    • Koolich's Dream
  • The Fleaster Island monsters have entered the Well of Infinite Dreams for the duration of the event.
  • Rewards linked to legendary pets have been added.



  • Not all glyphs will necessarily interrupt movement from now on. For movement to be interrupted, an effect that changes the game state must be triggered. These effects include: effective MP loss, all movement effects (pushback, attraction, teleportation, telefrag, transposition, etc.). This should significantly reduce the number of cases where characters come to a halt on a glyph.
  • Pushback damage is correctly affected by the multiplication effects of damage inflicted or suffered.
  • Following a modification to the Rise and Shine spell, the summons Mirh did not have any spells once level 10 was reached. This issue has now been fixed.
  • The Pendulum spell's effective damage was greater than the damage displayed. It now matches the damage displayed, in line with the modifications announced in version 2.48.
  • The Condemnation spell must now be cast on an occupied cell, in accordance with its description.
  • The Sacrier Clobbering spell has been modified so that the change in Suffering is done after damage, as is the case for all the other spells that change Suffering.
  • The damage triggered by the Steamer Trident spell on reception of pushback damage did not increase between levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Trident spell. The damage added by Trident are now as follows for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively: 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.
  • The Magnet spell had a effect stacking limit when the spell didn't apply any bonuses or penalties. This restriction has therefore been removed.
  • When a pet loses a Range bonus, it now loses only the effect of the bonus instead of all its Range.
  • The Selective Word spell now plays a flame animation when it inflicts a critical hit.
  • The description of the Xelor Drying Up spell has been adjusted to match its real effects.
  • In some languages, the Heads or Tails spell had the same translation as its variant Tails or Heads. The spell Tails or Heads now has its own translation in all languages.
  • In some languages, the translations for the Immobilising Arrow spell and its variant Paralysing Arrow have been modified.



  • The caster is no longer targeted in the preview by a linear spell cast in a southeasterly direction. Preview (click here to show the preview).
  • When using the Dolly Sacrifice spell on a Sram's double, the damage displayed is no longer doubled.
  • Management of certain buffs has been improved.
  • The preview displays damage from walls of bombs, runes and traps for their owners. For other players, it displays "???" because the damage depends on the individual caster's characteristics that are not available to other players.
  • Preview correctly takes into account the effects of damage reductions that apply to a character with non-zero elemental resistances.
  • The movement preview now displays correctly when using star-shaped-area spells.
  • The damage reduction on characters with few health points has been fixed.
  • The preview for spells that teleport to the first available cell works properly.
  • Management of effects triggered by the loss of MP or AP has been improved.
  • Management of critical triggered effects has been improved.
  • Management of vitality reduction effects can no longer be shared.
  • Management of effects that do not affect a limited number of targets has been fixed (e.g. Fulminating Arrow).
  • Preview of the Lord Crow's Paradox effect in the Infinite Dreams has been fixed.



  • The critical resistance penalty of the Rykke Errel's Bravery legendary cape was abnormally low, at -20 instead of-30. The value of this penalty is now correct.
  • The Bloody Belt (the Iop class belt), which adds 2 Range to the Fracture spell, didn't work correctly. Indeed, the last cell of the area of effect didn't inflict any damage. This problem has now been fixed.
  • The bonus for the Fortification spell provided by the Cape Adossia (the Feca class cape) now works properly.
  • The Wa Wobot Crown Air-damage bonus has been replaced by a Fire-damage bonus to match the set items. This modification is not retroactive and the item must be smithmaged using existing crowns to get the new effect line. The old effect line is now considered to be exotic smithmagic.
  • Pets and mounts can now learn a new legendary power.
    • Unlike what the in game text says, the legendary power won't be available for the moment for non-evolutive pets and petsmounts (for example: Karmeleon), nor for breeded mounts. However, it is expected that these powers will be available later, although we have no date to announce.
  • The level to equip the pet Thing is now 60.
  • Corrections have been made to the smithmagic system to better handle detection of characteristics with a value greater than their theoretical maximum. Because of this, the outcome of using a Transcendence rune should be more coherent.



  • Outside of combat, monsters no longer favor moving toward the top-left part of maps.
  • Kerighouls now cast their spells correctly when there are summons adjacent to them.
  • Missiz Frizz's Snowdrift spell has been modified so it will no longer be triggered in a chain.



  • Several cases preventing the AI from ending its turn correctly and very often making it wait for the end of the turn have now been fixed.
  • The aggressive AI will move closer to its opponents if they are surrounded by enemy entities, and they will try to move on each turn if possible. That means no more Sacrificial Dolls and Blocks gathering dust because of three woeful trees.
  • The now AI manages maximum effect stacks better.



  • Xelor's Emissary waits for adventurers in front of the clock house in Amakna Village to guide them in their fight against the temporal anomalies. These very first quests opening the narrative chapter Resonance are accessible to characters of at least level 50.
  • Players who have completed the A Painful Separation and New Heir quests can fight Crocoburio and Grougalorasalar again using Meriana's Orbalantyr.
  • The Hot P.A.N.T.S. and A Game of Hide and Seek quests: Extra items are taken into account to validate the "Defeat the Royal Mastogob in Its Greenhouse, Wearing Nothing but Your Favourite Undies" and "Find Some Underwear and Return to Nara" objectives. These items are: Potsan Pants, The King of Bonta's Pants, Adora Briefs, Khan Karkass's Briefs, Whipping String, and Leopena G-String.
  • The Otomai mini-dungeons Hidden Lab and Floramor's Clearing now have two monsters in each room. These monsters do not have loot.
  • Real Library Rats quest: Fighting the library rats is now only done in solo mode.



  • The achievements for the The Call of Draconiros event have been deactivated. The pending rewards for these achievements can no longer be collected.



  • You can reach temporal anomalies through the Zaap interface.
  • You can see the bonuses and penalties for territories and dungeons, as well as the temporal anomalies, in the world map interface.
  • The buy button in the advanced marketplace no longer becomes inactive when used too quickly. You no longer have to close and reopen the interface to fix this problem.
  • A problem that occurred if many items were put on sale quickly has been fixed.
  • When putting items up for sale in the merchant mode shop, the tab no longer changes if you are in "all".
  • When removing items from your shop, the current item now moves to the next item in the list (even after closing and reopening the interface).
  • When opening the "Attacks" tab in the alliance interface, the guild Perceptor icons no longer disappear from the map and mini-map.
  • When searching on the world map, the icon for the searched item now appears on the map again.
  • The area name has been added when hovering over the sub-area on the world map.
  • The recommended level for several sub-areas has been changed to better match the difficulty offered.
  • If two nearby entities have reflected damage effects, they will not mutually trigger each other in the spell effect preview.
  • The look of the associated recipe interface has been improved.
  • The menu buttons now have tooltips that change depending on their current state, and not the state when starting the game.
  • The aggression area icon has been changed.
  • In the contact list, contact visuals are no longer displayed.
  • A duplicate of information has been deleted when displaying tooltips for server types.
  • A problem displaying profession criteria for certain items such as the Harvester Bag has been fixed.
  • The reset time for daily victories in the Kolossium is now displayed.
  • Losing control of entities (summons, sidekicks, etc.) is now managed properly in the client.
  • The positioning of the conquest help interface has been fixed.
  • If they contained special characters, the descriptions of combat modifiers in the Infinite Dreams were incorrect. This has now been fixed.
  • The options to invite or exclude a player when that player is not the owner of Infinite Dreams have been deleted.
  • When using the "z" shortcut to display monster tooltips while the mouse hovers over one of these groups, the tooltips are not duplicated.
  • The content of the monster tooltips is correctly displayed before and during combat (the level no longer falls off).
  • An external notification when cooperative fabrication is complete has been added.
  • External notifications now work again when logging back in.
  • An error when clicking on an interface whose data have not completely loaded has been fixed (e.g. the quest UI).
  • Clicking on the a monster link in the chat now works in combat again.
  • When resuming a tutorial, the arrow points to the right place.



  • Various texts with special characters in the game have been optimized.
  • Searching and sorting in the marketplace and encyclopedia have been optimized.
  • The game now starts faster.
  • The game interfaces are now faster.
  • Paths are now calculated more quickly in combat mode and outside of combat.
  • On-screen character updates have been limited.
  • The number of frames per second when removing an aura has been stabilized.
  • Changing characters now uses less memory.



  • When a movement causes a character to walk on a cell where they are partially locked, that stops their movement.
  • Nougat Rabmarac Bars can now be obtained from the following monsters:
    • Dazahk Freezammer
    • Solar
    • Bethel
    • Ilyzaelle
    • Anerice the Shushess
    • Mantiscore
    • Count Razof
    • Catseye
    • Ush Galesh
    • Colousses
    • Kardorim
  • The following pets can now be obtained in the game:
    • Mischievous Squirrel
    • Kerubaby
    • Ratcham
    • Mastostroke
    • Tarzantula
    • Tiwabbit Wosungwee
    • Miniminotot
    • Crocodyl
    • Solid Plissken
    • Toucantankerous
    • Black Tiwabbit
    • Cromagmunk
    • Mouselet
  • The cells available in combat have been changed on the map of Rygurgal Plateau in the Depths of Sufokia at [27,28]. Preview (click here to show the preview).
  • Following feedback from some players, various spelling corrections have been made to in-game texts.
  • The component of the Triton haven bag that was displayed incorrectly in the list of items has been fixed.
  • In the Fleaster haven bag, a cell on which items could not be placed has been fixed.
  • A problem refreshing alliance fights has been fixed.
  • A crash when opening the KE has been fixed.
  • Activating the Ankama Shield no longer blocks at step 3 (email being sent) for certain players.
  • The Timeless emote works properly when it is played on a mount.




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Update (again, Google Translate):


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Again, Google Translate.



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Oh, and these are from yesterday, I missed them.


The attribution of the animal legends was found to be completely hazardous but it is not the case anymore.
The monsters of the Waddict family now have the meat associated with their level and no longer that of the higher level.
The effect display on infinite Dreams rewards when there are no conditions is corrected.
Options to invite or exclude a player when he or she does not own Infinite Dreams are removed.
Interface helpers for zone rewards and anomalies are displayed correctly.
The tooltip on hovering a linked monster group in the chat is displayed correctly.
The bonus text on feature, assembly and recycling interfaces is fixed.
Minor corrections were made to the Chocolate Quarry area.
The new system of bonus / malus experience and loot is activated.
The following dungeons have been opened:
Crypt of Kardorim
Hungry Sunflower Barn
Royal Gobball Court
Skeleton Dungeon
Bworks Dungeon
Clos des Blops
Rocky Pitons of the Crackers
Dairo's Lair
Capital of the Magik Riktus
Dragon Pig's Den
Bonta Rat Dungeon
Captain Ekarlatte's Ring
Excavation of the Royal Mansot
Gallery of Phossile
Kimbo canopy
Shadow Pyramid
Forgefroide of Missiz Frizz

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Another update, another bad translation job.


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By the way, got an anonymous but extremely reliable tip that the 18k ornament will be made available this summer. For anyone who cares about that kinda thing.

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But ... now we can't R> abyss xp ...

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Updated OP with English changelog.

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