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omg qued legit quitting???

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nice qued-quit



w8 this is not clickb8 tho


tldr: I’m quitting, bye :^)
























Full text:


Dear ImpsVillage Forum users,


I bet most of you have already noticed my absence both in Dofus game and on the ImpsVillage Forums. This post is not supposed to change anything in my life or your life. Instead it will have solely an informative purpose where I would like to make it clear with everyone once and for all.


I will be straightforward and simply announce my decision to quit playing Dofus game forever.


The main reason is quite simple, for I no longer have enough time to play Dofus anymore even considering the fact that I still love this game despite all of its drawbacks. Should I be more precise, I would say that I no longer have time to enjoy the game to the fullest because the majority of Dofus activities (especially the endgame content) not only requires way too much time in front of a computer but also demands a lot of thoughts and plannings in advance. Now those are no more things that I could afford with my current lifestyle.


In fact, Dofus is a game that does not really have any true final goals, the players give a goal to themselves so that they could enjoy the game for themselves to its fullest. Now that I do not have enough time for the game I cannot give myself any goal to accomplish anymore, making the Dofus game meaningless for me.


There are sadly other reasons to my decision. My favorite guide website, the dofuspourlesnoobs.com has been inaccessible in my country for more than a year. The CyberGhost VPN 6 cracked full version program which I had been using to get around the restriction is now no longer working. So far I could not find any replacements to that VPN in terms of being free, reliable and without any traffic restrictions which meant a harsh inconvenience in using it on a daily basis.


Moveover, recently the impsvillage.com website has also become inaccessible(!) with most of ISPs in my country. (So basically you are reading a post which is published via a random free VPN.) That was the final trigger in my decision. It seems that everything is stopping me from interacting with anything connected to Dofus, making it less less convenient for me to play the game. And as stated above I unfortunately no longer have a privilege to circumvent those troubles.


My subscription has also ended at the beginning of February. I believe there is nothing vital that would hold me in the game anymore.


On this note I would like to announce my plan to gift my account to two persons who I think deserves it the most:

- @bulgari, also known as Osama, a person who has actually made a huge impact in my gaming experience since the time I was still an unknown player and thanks to whom I have become so successful in this game, no matter what impression he gives to everyone today;

- @Goast, also known as Arthur, a second person with whom I have had one of the best Dofus gaming experience in my “late gaming period” and with whom I have enjoyed doing most of endgame contents (including doing Ivory Dofus quest line together almost from a scratch) which I could not do with Osama due to his frequent hiatus.


I am giving away this account with all the security details and all the account belongings to them and allowing both of them to do whatever they want with the account because I cannot really care anymore. But to be honest nothing would really change because both of them have already had my login details for a long time and this post is simply a formal and official statement for other people to know. (I hope you people will not report me for breaking ToU 4.3.1 <З)


Of course I cannot stress enough how thankful I am absolutely to everyone else who has played any role in my Dofus journey. I wish to thank everyone regardless of the influence they had on me, be it positive or negative. The list of those people starting from Osama and the awesome Platinum members ending with random people I have encountered inside and outside the game would be so big that I would not possibly be able to remember and mention everyone. But I can surely say that if you are at least reading these random blocks of my awkward text you are already playing a small role in my Dofus life.


I really do not know if I will return back to the game or not but I absolutely do not regret giving away everything I have accumulated during my gameplay because during all these years of playing Dofus I have come to realization that should I actually come back to the game I could have always started from scratch and came to the top provided I would actually have free time and also awesome friends like the Platinum members (and many others too) to assist me in my new journey.


Dofus will always have a special place in my heart. I have truly enjoyed every single moment spent in the game, be it sitting in front of a zaap away from keyboard or dying in a dungeon trying to do numerous achievements with my noob Sacrier or bullying guildmates and getting bullied by them everyday in Platinum’s guild chat.


Again, thank you everyone I have come across at least once in the game or on the forums or the social networks for enriching my gaming experience.


Thank you ImpsVillage for an awesome community and the “Post Price Please” legacy. Thank you for all the memes and troll posts on this forum since I believe only humor can save this world. Thank you for bearing with my cringy and immature way of writing comments on this forum with shortened words, I really had fun interacting with ImpsVillage community in that way and I hope you do not have anything personal against me for that.


Always stay passionate about what you do inside and outside the game, always be true to yourselves.


Love you all,





























P.S. QnA w/ Qued:

Q: qued pls tell us ur joking we want u back af!!!

A: Nope I am dead serious :^)


Q: qued wut iz ur name???

A: Maybe next time :^) But I am neither Putin nor Natasha, sorry to disappoint you all :с


Q: qued r u dofus mod???

A: Nope, in my opinion being a Dofus Moderator is actually one of the useless things you can do in Dofus (except for generating jokes about it xD)


Q: qued r u even a real russkie???

A: хD Ok, I am sorry for lying to you, I am actually Vietnamese but I was born in Russia and I live mainly in Russia :^) Yes I have a Vietnamese name, yes I speak Russian better than Vietnamese. I do not drink though.


Q: how old r u qued???

A: 21

Q: wtf qued arnt u like 70+ or smth???


Q: wut do u even do for living???

A: I am a student ;р


Q: qued why do u even lack time???

A: The responsibility I have now in my life is pretty high for me to allow myself to sit in front of a computer playing games for several hours straight.


Q: qued gibe kems pls??? items??? anything???

A: No :^)


Q: wut gonna hapen w/ pletinum utube chanel??? is even alive???

A: Dunno :^)


Q: qued r qued and just-monika same person?????????

A: Yes they are с:

Q: ty qued we had our doubts til now!!!!!!!!!


Q: qued r quedro-[rus] and quedro same person???

A: Yes they are


Q: pls qued we kno u gonn play dofus touch!!! traitor af!!!

A: No, I will not be playing Dofus Touch for the same reason why I am quitting Dofus: I no longer have any means to invest myself into such a long term game.


Q: did u kno quinotaur and timeless r same person?????

A: Guessed so, but there is nothing a random person like me can actually do with that knowledge.


Q: will u still visit impsvillage???

A: I might lurk around the ImpsVillage Forums sometimes but I will no more be as active as before. It will be the same for all the social media related to Dofus. Even now I am already no longer relevant to this game due to my absence, so no real point getting myself involved into the Dofus community anymore.


Q: qued but ur q&a dosent hav question i wunted to ask!!! wtf refund pls!!!

A: I am deeply sorry, maybe next time :^)


Q: wen next tiеm???


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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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from Quadro: I'm actually quitting to become full time mod c

from Bvlgari: from Quadro: i'm actually a grill irl :^)


exposed sry


Well, you already sort of know my thoughts, but all in all, shame to see you leave, definitely part of some of the best players, not just skill-wise, but also community-wise. Won't go into some sentimental shit, I, as many others, will obviously miss seeing you around. Best of luck with your studies, hopefully you find the time and motivation to come back one day.



Also, I am now officially the only player left on Echo who overuses :^) 

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I'm just wondering how long did it take you to write this shit down...
Jk, Qued I'm sorry to hear that you are quitting, gonna miss you. 😞
But yeah, good luck with your real life stuff but I still have that little doubt in me that you will come back and play with us again. 🙂 #waitingforthatmoment

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Ciao memedro, hola @ your boi if you ever decide to come back, gl in rl my friens

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Leader of Outer Hell.



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Thank you for everything Qued, you are by far one of the greatest people I've ever met on teh internets. I really enjoyed the time we played together. Hopefully this isn't goodbye. 


Good luck and godspeed, chinky :^)

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k my turn, first of all b3d af for quit :^) jk I saw it coming, nice nationality, nice student, nice age


walla quad u been b3d since I saw ur orange ass lvl 175 b3d af, now u 200 and stil b3d due to 25 wis Q o T hat and 30 AP / MP res. It was a pleasure playing with u, and u will be missed. 

But walla no goodbyes because you will always have your acc with same details ready to log in, ps. I might crush some thing :^) and change color (^: cuz b3d 

Yalla cya Qued! and fuk lief obv. for draining time :^) 

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Ub3d qued, will miss you around plat for sure:c 

Thx for the fun times and goodluck with your fake ruskie life 


Just know its bullytown if you ever log :^)



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Great! Now I just lost the only person that used to put likes to my imps posts :sadface:

quitting nowadays is a sign of the player being a sane individual. gj. gg. bye bruh

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I'm the hater of the unjustified haters.

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I'm gonna miss seeing you on the forums, Quad. You were a good source of encouragement and advice for people who also wanted to bash their heads against achievements, and I still think fondly of your post about Boarhogs being available in the shop just days after you got one from Krosmaster. 


Sad to see you go. 

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Never really knew you a apart from forums, but heard a lot about you even in game. You contributed a lot and in return you made some solid friends. This community is getting worse by the day, and today it's all your fault.


Good luck man :^)! Now do the same achievements irl! 

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[15:21] Sugared: [15:20] Otto-Lpzig is watching the fight.[15:20] Today has failed the Focus challenge.

[15:21] Winner: .

[15:21] Sugared: otto walks in and the guys just can't keep their head together



thanks for the picture, Capngoat!

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Haven't played in like a year now and just redownloaded and checked imps to see what changed.


I remember being in Illusionator like 2-3 years ago. Just grinding PvP as an osa and absolutely sucking at PvM. In general people would look down on you if your achiev score was shit and you didn't do any dungeons. Specifically platinum bois. (even though I could take any of you in a 1v1 u lil bitches) but quadro didn't. Quad was always THAT guy who would send you a pm and say something nice of offer some help when everyone was hating on you. Now don't get me wrong this isnt no cyberbully sob story everyone hates on everyone on the internet and thats okay it makes the game fun and competitive but quadro just want like that. 


After becoming leader of Illu and then leaving it after a year or so I decided to hit Quadro with a pm asking him if I could join platinum, he accepted me into the guild and I was now a member of the plat family. And again Quadro didnt change a bit, I dont think I ever heard the guy speak negative about anyone.


I dont know what I'm trying to say with this post, I guess its thanks for being such a cool dude?

I also dont believe ur actually quitting lol u'll be back.


You can honestly be proud of yourself man, there was no reason for you to be nice to me when I was like a 180 but you were and you didn't expect anything back. A great quality to have.



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