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ive got one, hmu ig Tezar

Leader of Outer Hell.



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I think this is the Ilyzaelle subforum


"No character or account of that name is recorded as being recently active on this server."


[12:25] Tezar does not exist.

[12:25] Zetharius does not exist.

[12:26] Althenia does not exist.

[12:26] Ankou does not exist.

[12:26] Skorpa does not exist.

[12:26] Arterios does not exist.

[12:26] Vezar does not exist.

[12:26] Athysius does not exist.

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Hmm... it *shouldn't* be on Ily, turns out people get them via pending gifts from 2014. I asked a friend and he said there's a few, he also had another pet pending and it worked. If you want to find one you should create a thread on jeux here.


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