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Comming back (to Dofus 2.0)

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Hi there !


I just started Dofus again, last time i played was somewhere between 2005 and 2009.

I chose to 'evolve' to 2.0 because i'm 26 and i don't want to be an old dude that hates change already !


I've learn about the Mono account server Ilyzaelle, and that's what i'm playing on. It's the best fit for the Dofus experience i'm looking for. Is there any international community on this server ? Any of you guys are playing it ?


To finish, here's what i'm looking for : People to share experiences and builds with, a guild or group of people to play with (for now, xp, dungeons, achievements... I'm still low lvl). Let me know if you know any english speaking guilds on Ilyzaelle ! Also, i'm here because official forums are in French and crowded with toxic kids, and the reddit is kinda dead...


Cheers !

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