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[Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

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How to obtain: 

To get the soul stones you need you must first run dungeons. For the next 2 weeks from when this post was written, there is an event going on called "The Call of Draconiros." 



How this event works is, for each dungeon you run you get something called [Dream Fragment]. The amount you get depends on how hard the dungeon is that you complete, ranging from 1 to 400 per win. You can get more from repeating dungeons, but the drop rate is significantly reduce (1 per fight per char on a medium-low % chance, again depending the dungeon level).




Once you have enough dream fragments, go to Turbe at [5,-18] (Astrub Zaap), and click buy.  




There are 4 soul stone options you can buy; Level 50 is 100 fragments, level 100 is 400 fragments, level 150 is 900 fragments, and level 200 is 1600 fragments (Warning: If you die the soul is lost and you do not get a refund!). 




Chimeric Prysmaradoth: 



Chimeric Prysmaradoth is the boss you're trying to vuln/kill. He's a little dragon dude with 100/20/20/20/20 resistance, and 3.2k-30k hp depending on what level soul you're fighting. 

At the start of the fight he casts 'Pryschim' which puts him in the invulnerable state and removes a percentage (?) of his health depending on the amount of characters you have in the fight (The more you have the more health he loses?), so try to bring 8 characters if you can! 




He will also cast this spell at the start of every turn. If you are standing next to him with all 4 elemental states, he will become vulnerable.


Starting on turn 2, dragon boss casts 'Rude Wakening' which puts everyone more than 6 cells away from him in pacifist state, and gives -4 range. It lasts for 2 turns, and he uses it every 3 turns.



Dragon boss has another spell that is a 1 range + AoE around him called 'Quadramental Chimeric Fury'. It reduces damage dealt by the target(s) by 20% and does Neutral + Random Element damage. 



His last spell is called 'Quadramental Chimeric Breath' which is a 1-4 cell linear AoE spell that deals damage from a random element, and applies a 3 turn poison in the element from which he hit. 






Aerodream has 2 spells.

'Aeropoke' is a 1-8 range (modifiable) single target spell that applies 20% erosion, and deals a small amount of neutral damage, and air damage that increases based on your eroded HP. 

He can cast it at least 4 times per turn.

Its secondary effect is every time an ally takes damage (after being hit by it), a small portion of the damage is ricocheted onto any ally that is within 1 cell of the character, in any direction.



'Aerothing' is a 1 range spell that has a + sized area of effect. It removes mp (dodgeable), and will push the character by 1 cell.





Aquadream has 2 spells. 

'Aquathing' is a 1-5 range, non modifiable, single cell spell that applies the weakened state to the target, and does 10 water damage per MP.

It is also cast in a 1 cell AoE around the monster, and the same effects are applied.



'Aquapoke' is a 1-10 range linear, modifiable, single cell attack that deals water damage, neutral damage, and reduces your AP (dodgeable). 






Pyrodream goes invisible unless one of your allies (Summons/Cawwots work too) is within 8 cells of him when he starts his turn. 

He has 2 spells.


'Pyropoke' and 'Pyrothing' have the same AoE. It is a 2 cell area around the monster. 



'Pyropoke' deals neutral and fire damage and reduces healing recieved by 50% to everyone caught in the AoE. 

'Pyrothing' gives everyone in the AoE -50% resistance to everything, and deals 10 fire damage per AP used.





Geodream is in a permanent Heavy, and unmovable state. Very annoying monster, would recommend killing first.

He also seems to get +1 mp every turn, but I can't really figure out why.


Geodream has 2 spells.

'Geopoke' is a 1-6 range linear, non-modifiable, single cell spell that attracts the character he uses it on. It deals a small amount of neutral damage, strength damage, and applies the gravity state for 1 turn. 



'Geothing' is a 1 range (?) spell that deals strong earth damage.



Monster Special Spells:

When you hit the monsters with spells that are elements of the resistance of which they have 50%, it applies a buff to each of the enemies that are still alive.


When you hit Geodream with an Agility spell, he casts 'Geochim' and all enemies receive 80% sustained for 1 turn.


When you hit Aerodream with a Chance spell, he casts 'Aerochim' which gives all enemies +2mp, and +2 range for 1 turn.  


When you hit Pyrodream with a Strength spell, he casts 'Pyrochim' which gives all enemies 20% Spell damage for 1 turn.


When you hit Aquadream with an Intelligence spell he casts 'Aquachim' which gives all enemies... A bigass shield for 1 turn. 


When you activate these special spells, they are applied after the damage is registered, and they go away on the turn of the one who activated them. 

They cannot be unbewitched.


Monster Special Rules:

Each monster has a rule that makes it so they can negate certain damage.


Geodream: Does not take damage if you critically strike the spell or weapon you use on him.


Aerodream: Can only be damaged in close combat AKA if you're standing right next to him.


Pyrodream: Can only take ranged damage AKA you do nothing if you're next to him.


Aquadream: Takes no damage from weapons. Spells only!


Note: Even if they take 0 damage you can still activate their special spells.


Vulnerability Mechanics: 

In order to vuln the boss what you have to do is activate all of the special spells that the monsters have by hitting them with a spell or weapon that is in the element of which they have 50%. Geo gives str state, pyro fire, ETC. In order to get put in the state however, you must be within 4 cells linear to the monster you're trying to get the state from. 



The state only lasts for 1 turn, and it will go away on the turn of the one who activated it. 

A character must have all 4 states and then the boss must start his turn next to that character in order for him to be vulnerable. 


Vulnerability lasts for 3 turns.

Once he is vulnerable, all of the other monsters become invulnerable until the boss is dead, at which time they all become vulnerable, or until the 3 turns are up, and you have to repeat the process.




There are 4 different rewards that are unique to these souls. 

[Tiny Dream Coin] for level 50 souls, [Small Dream Coin] for level 100 souls, [Large Dream Coin] for level 150 souls, and [Huge Dream Coin] for level 200 souls. 



The exact drop rate is unknown, but it gets progressively higher the higher level the soul you fight. I have done a few of each and only not gotten some on the lvl 50 souls.

Ankama said that these coins would give you a "headstart on the new update," so I'm assuming when the new update hits you can exchange them for the dream currency that comes with the Infinite Dreams dungeon... thing.



After playing beta for a few dungeon rooms a little red xelor appeared that let me buy 1 Reflet for 1 tiny dream coin. Total ripoff imo.






Opened a Small Dream Coin Pouch for ~120 Reflets



Opened a Large Dream Coin Chest for ~730 Reflets



None of my Huge Dream Coins saved on beta so idk how much they're worth. 

To put in perspective, you get between 1.5k-5k Reflets per room win you achieve, depending on what boss you're fighting.

I beat a dimension wave fight and got 20m exp and 7.3k Reflets, but it was super hard; the monster mechanics are crazy and versatile af. Waves also spawn every 3 turns instead of 5, and all of the monsters are lvl 200+



You need 150k Reflets to craft 1 legendary item. 



Do not kill any monster until the boss dies or else you lose the fight!



*You're going to definitely want to fight in creature mode otherwise the monsters will take up 3/4 of your turn with wonky animations!* 


**When you're vulning the boss, try to have the first character that goes after the boss do all of the hitting for the special spells, this will allow all of the effects to be gone (most importantly the shield from Aqua) when the boss becomes vulnerable!**


For the level 50 and 100 souls, it's not very hard. You can easily do it with a sub par team of 4 of any characters! 


The level 150 soul is quite difficult. I would recommend having a healer and a tank/lock character (preferably panda). The damage goes up considerably with this soul from the last, and the health does too! This is the soul level where the effects of the monsters really starts to bite so try not to activate them more than you have to. You will want a heavy damage dealer to nuke the dragon when you can, it's not fun to have to vuln him more than once.


The 200 soul is next level. I would highly recommend a fully equipped team of 8 level 200s complete with at least 1 tank/lock character, and 2 support characters (preferably masq and eni).

The damage from the monsters is very high and the effects from their special spells are brutal to deal with. Definitely do not activate them unless it's to vuln the boss! You are going to want to keep them at bay, or hide, or shield yourself immensely while you set up for your damage dealers. Having to vuln the boss more than once is a death sentence that few could survive! The erosion from Aerodream is awful, so avoid that like the plague (-range works fine). Having a rogue with well placed bombs, or elio/iop is a huge help to nuking the 30k health. It is crucial to time his vulnerability with your charged spells (not hard once you practice a little bit). Try to lock the boss close to your team to avoid pacifist, while you have 1 character go up to gather the elemental states you need.


It is very helpful to bring an enu or a cra so that you can reduce the range/mp of the monsters. Both Aerodream and Aquadream are rendered useless if they have no range so do that as much as you can. 


Try to have a tanky character lock both the Geodream and the Boss close to (but not linear) the rest of your team so that they don't get in the way, and you can avoid the pacifist state.

Having a very mobile/slippery class helps a lot to get states quick while you keep the other 3 monsters at bay. Make sure to keep track of Pyrodream if he goes invisible. Try to summon a Cawwot within 8 cells of where you think he is to make him visible.


Most of the effects can be unbewitched from yourself, so try to bring Boozer on Panda, Ghostly Shovel on Enu, a Sadida, ETC.



According to Ace-Dece's twitter (Follow him!) , starting on room 26, you can buy the resources needed to craft legendary items.

Conditions to buy: Have the achievement 'Four over Five' completed.


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Adding stuff
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*You're going to definitely want to fight in creature mode otherwise the monsters will take up 3/4 of your turn with wonky animations!*


^^^^ u may want to make this protip bigger font because thats gonna be the most important thing during the fight xd

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lol imagine not playing creature mode all the time


gotta go fast

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animations off + being mounted = super sonic fast (unless theres some wonky group of monsters that screw up the entire turn) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i remem u could cast 2 spells in the same tick if u did it at the right time,  0,7sec turns mdr


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And what do you get from these souls?

Leader of Outer Hell.



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There I'm finished ^^ Lemme know if I missed anything!


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