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Ideal team for pvm end content

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Been off for around 5 years. I have many lvl 199 and 190+. And I just read that you can now change classes /o/.

So there is a lot that I need to read and learn, but I wanted a general opinion that what team would be optimal for end content pvm? And how many? I read that now dungeons have a 4 man option, so a 4 man team would be enough? Which classes would synergize good enough?

Right now I have, lvl 190+ sadida, osamodas, sram, iop, xelor, masqueraider. I'm willing to change any class.


Is there anywhere to read about current builds? wiki seems to be more outdated than me.

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PvM is accesible to almost any composition right now. If by ideal you mean for farming, then something like cra x3 + enu.

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If you'd like to farm, El-Matematico's suggestion of 3 Cras + 1 Enu is probably ideal. If you'd also like to do achievements while being very good at mobbing, the standard meta atm is Panda/Enu/Iop/Elio.


But honestly? You can really slap any 4 classes together and do any content in this game - some dungeons just might be more difficult than others. If you wanna have fun, pick the classes you have fun playing. Why else play, right?

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