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Dungeon Leeching Service

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Leeching the following dungeons:


  • Merkator (Mystique, Last)
  • Anerice (Limpwrist)
  • Dantinea (Last)
  • Koutoulou (Limpwrist)
  • Queen of Thieves (First)
  • Vortex (Focus)
  • Catseye (Limpwrist)
  • Solar (Focus, Versatile)
  • Bethel (Mystique, Zombie, 200 Score)
  • Dazahk Freezammer (Freedom)
  • Ilyzaelle (Freedom)
  • Missiz Freezz (Nomad, Tight, 200 Score)
  • Sylargh (Hermit, Barbaric, 200 Score)
  • Nileza (Last, Limpwrist, 200 Score)
  • Klime (Limpwrist, Nomad, 200 Score)
  • Count (Versatile, Statue, 200 Score)
  • The Fantastic Five (Eminent Fighter ornament)
  • Turtelonia (Last)
  • Corruption (Tight)
  • War (Hermit)
  • Servitude
  • Misery


Prices vary. For the sake of giving a price it's generally 2 to 5M for a dungeon/achievement.

/w Quinotaur for specifics.

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On ‎12‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 2:57 AM, Mitsue said:


He doesn't need it trust me.

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I'm the hater of the unjustified haters.

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