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Special spells disappear from spell tab after every maintenance

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Spells of the likes of Leek Pie, Weapon Skill, Moonhammer and other special spells are getting removed from my spell bar after every maintenance. Every Tuesday, I go through the mundane process of re-organizing my spell tab for the nth time. Weird thing is, this happens on my sram only- the other chars are fine. I've tried to organize them differently (having special spells first, then normal spells, vice-versa etc) but no dice. This has been going on since forever and I can't take it anymore. I've cleared my cache but to no avail. I was gonna send a ticket but they required a photo of my ID card (the fuck?) and so I thought I'd check if any one of you helpful peeps has encountered this issue and solved it.

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Nope, I have the same issue every maintenance and it's a fucking nightmare. I've yet to find a solution and I've got to a point of not bothering to reorganise my spell tab anymore, i just pop in the special spells as and when i need them. I've no clue why this only happens on srams either...

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The good news is that after I posted the same thread on the official forums, an admin caught wind of it and let the devs know about the bug. If we're lucky this whole thing can be over when the 2.48 update hits.

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