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Dofus 2 Starter Pack

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> Downloading and installing Dofus 2




> AHK Script

AHK Script is an AutoHotKey script that automatically launches a specified number of clients, logs them in, selects the server/character and invites them to the group, as well as lets you switch to a specific character window with hotkeys among other things. Also launches WindowTabs if WindowTabs.exe exists in the same location as the script. (Source Code, currently the newest version is 20)



Should login to the game once manually (after updates/changing the game files/clearing cache/cleaning with CCleaner) for it to load/cache the game files and get consistent loading times when using the script.

Run the script as administrator if you're experiencing problems, also play around with the Delay variables if the script is too fast or too slow.

If the game gets stuck at 56% when launching through Dofus.exe, find and replace fr with en in the following line in the config.xml file in the Dofus location where Dofus.exe is (default location can be found in the AHK script).




Can set hotkeys by clicking on the box and then clicking a key, or a combination of keys like Ctrl+key. Can also delete hotkeys by clicking on the box and then clicking the Delete button on the keyboard.

Click - Clicks the position that the mouse is currently at in all character windows, can be used to move around, close combat end screen or other things for all characters at once.

Spam - Repeatedly Ctrl+double left clicks the position that the mouse is currently at in the current character window until pressed again, can be used to exchange/bank items.

Invite - Manually invites all characters to the group, useful since the automatic invite after logging in does not work if there is a queue.

Join - Shift clicks the position that the mouse is currently at and then clicks ready in all character windows, initiate combat with any character and then hover over the combat sword with any other character to use, the leader won't click ready in case some character doesn't join due to the combat sword bugging out.

AFK - Opens and closes the friends list on all characters to prevent logging out.

Exit - Closes Dofus windows and exits the script.


Delays (in milliseconds):

Increase/Decrease these to find the sweet spot that works for your PC without the script misclicking or acting slowly.

Idle - Delay between launching clients/logging in/selecting server/selecting character.

Idlem - Delay when opening clients/entering login details/inviting to group.

Spam - Delay between clicks for the Spam hotkey function.

Click - Delay between clicking in each character window with the Click hotkey, randomly chosen between the two numbers for each window, useful to avoid being mistaken as a bot if using it to move several characters for a long time, otherwise can use 50-100 if just closing interfaces.

Mouse - Delay between each mouse move/click, useful if there's trouble logging in due to the mouse being too fast.

AFK - Delay between clicks for the AFK hotkey function.



Dofus.exe location - Default location of the Dofus.exe, can be changed if you've installed Dofus 2 in another folder.

Invite to group - Automatically invites characters to the group after logging in, doesn't work if there's a queue, in that case you may use the Invite Hotkey.

Launch/Login - Whether to launch and login the accounts, or just use the hotkeys and other functionality with the already open and logged in accounts.

Accounts to launch - How many accounts to launch and log them in.

Leader - Which character should be the leader of the group.

Window/Character Name - Use correct character names if you will use the group invite function, otherwise can be anything.

Server/Char - Which server/character to select when logging in, the order of the slots in-game is based on the recently accessed character.

Reset - Clears all saved settings (by deleting the .ini file) and reloads the script.




> WindowTabs

WindowTabs is a nice tool to group Dofus windows separately, as well as sort and switch through them easily with specified hotkeys or the scroll wheel at the top of any Dofus window, works with the AHK script. (Activated newest 2014 version: Download. Activated 2013 version in case the 2014 lags: Download. Official version, has 3 client/tab limit: Download)










See also:

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Ankama Games

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You won't, because nothing is being moved in-game, and even if it was, no one would care unless you're abusing it a lot.

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On 2/21/2013 at 5:48 AM, Robeine said:

Go ahead. According to ToS only third party programs are ban-inducing.


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Instead of ''charactername'' type your real character name
On this script I use ''\'' for GetPos, but you can change that to whatever you like.


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