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Ouginak Element?

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Hey guys, i'm just after some advice on which element may suit me best as an Ouginak. I am currently 199, but approaching 200, so I want to get my build settled so I know what to work towards. I am enjoying pure Agi, but its strange being such a cc heavy element, I spent most of my Dofus career as a Sadi, then a Feca. So i'm used to the long/mid range. Whilst it appears Agi are the superior build for PvP, how do they hold up in end game PvM? Can an Ouginak be effective as a cc class for end game content? As I've never progressed into 'real' end game content, i'm not sure. 


Chance appeals to me because of the nice range it has, but then i feel it might miss out on the Ouginaks built in mechanic, doggy form! Without being close I'll find it ahrd to stack rage for the %dmg reduction, or go doggy form for the extra damage.


I've looked into being Cha/Agi, as it seems it would solve my problems. But nowadays the meta seems to be mono element, especially for PvP. As a Feca, and other classes I see the attraction in being hybrid, it often brings a lot of utility. But as a Ouginak I'm not sure it will. Will the extra range, and slightly utility out weigh the extra damage and potential better vit/resi?


I am mostly focused on PvM for now, as I would like to complete a lot of game content that i've never managed to before, Dofus quests, end game dungeons, respectable achievement score etc. However eventually with some nice gear I'd like to try my hand at PvP.


Any information would be great, even if its just an opinion on how end game content is for cc classes. 


Many thanks



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To be honest there are better classes for PvM than Ouginak (it's a monster in PvP). All depends on what you are going to do in PvM. You might have problems with some duo achievements, but normally dungeons aren't that hard and you will carry your Ouginak. If I were you I would stay Agi element since it gives nice erosion and there is lock/dodge option for you. Also it's the best element in PvP.

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