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Which damage cause [Achievement : FOCUS] to fail?

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Hey Villagers!


I've been thinking making Ilyzaelle dungeon which type of damage will fail my achiev.

Few quick questions :

1. Does posion damage that acures by a) poison (ex Poison Arrow) b) ap ussage/mp ussage (Sram's Trap) c) end of turn (Sram's Epidemy spell)

2. How about pushback damage, release, blow a) by wall b)by other enemy c) by ally
3. What if monster that you focus share damage with another?


Or all that matters in focus Is target Spells that deal damage in range cells?

So question is HOW I CAN HIT other monsters WHILE MAKING FOCUS ;]

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all ally poisons of any kinds will fail focus (that includes all poison examples u've written);


pb is however a bit different, i haven't tried it for a long time but i remember that years ago when i did kannibal focus if krobax pushed a 2nd mob it would not fail focus if that mob wouldn't be killed, aka if u deal pb dmg to 2nd mob but don't kill that mob it will be equal to not dmging it at all, but if u deal pb dmg and kill mob the focus will fail; u should still test it now cuz maybe it was changed;


also any dmg that an enemy deals to another enemy (like for example rampant bearb) never fails focus/blitz/each_to_its_own(or however it's called), so such things as dim modifs like long-liaison/explosive_dissapearance or even fraktale mobs reflect effect shouldn't fail focus cuz all that's considered to be enemies' dmg and not urs; still u'd better verify everything cuz ankama made numerous changes that might have affected stuff;


ilyz glyph didn't fail focus last time i did it;


also if u deal 0 dmg u also dont fail focus/blitz (not only if ur dmg sux but also if ur enemy reduces dmg) - this can be abused to erode a mob to 1 hp, for example i recently did blitz grohlum that way, i'd just mp rape grohlum so that it would gain 8000 linear res and i could slowly erode boss to 1hp while still technically dealing 0 dmg to boss, then just release kill and ez blitz :^)


also if u are in pacifist state u can attack any1 and it wont fail due to 0 dmg;


if mobs dmg share i think unfortunately u fail focus;


tldr if it wasn't changed u can deal pure pb dmg to mob w/o failing focus unless u kill it

or bring feca with truce and erode mob when dmg reduce is active hue

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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2 hours ago, -l--RACE--l- said:

So question is HOW I CAN HIT other monsters WHILE MAKING FOCUS ;]


That's impossible. However for Ilyzaelle it's pretty easy as you can abuse the yellow glyph. Just push/pull/throw monsters in and out until they die, just make sure you dont use any damage causing push spells.




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Can confirm pushback still works as Quadro explained. Pushback dmg doesn't fail focus unless you're killing an enemy with it.

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