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8 Man Team Composition?

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I'm not entirely where to put this subject matter in regards to 1.29 Dofus team composition so I am going to leave it here where the most of the activity comes from! I'm really happy to find out that this version of the game is back and I am able to enjoy a bit of my childhood.


In regards to my question, it has been such a solidly long time since I last played 1.2x ( of the last being back in 2008 when it was live) and coming back to this version of the game I have no solid recollection of what is considered a decent team or not. What is considered a solid team in terms of enjoyment and flexibility? What is considerable of holding my own in terms of PVE? 


My current thoughts are:

1) Iop









Thanks for any feedback and taking the time to read!

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From what I seen mostly on my time playing 1.29 was a couple of enus with a chance panda and cra iop is really all u need maybe a eni to :D

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I'd 100% add a panda to that setup, the 8th really doesn't matter tbh.  Maybe a xelor, it's a good char overall and can buff AP.

Personally I don't think enu teams aren't viable for end game content, you might be able to do it but it'll be much more efficient with a solid team like posted above.


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Personally I dig the osa/eni/xelor/eca combo. All those buffs and heals (intel eca, osa, eni) and the extra ap make my fights go way faster for obvious reasons. There are better and faster players that don't need this though. I agree that you definitely need a panda. They are easy to gear up in at least 12/6 (pdb/pdc setup with possibilities for class items - no los vulns). Map manipulation and vuln mechanisms are way too precious not to get [ab]used.

Panda is a must have.

Fecas are used for reflects and shields (dora ghost/ougaa/bworker).

Osas are used for revive, buffs and heals.

Xelors devotion (+2 ap) and ability to numb certain monster (i.e Tan san and Dora ghost) is often used.
Ecas are used for high [unreliable or reliable] damage or high heals with nice buffs.

If you really want to max out efficiency - make your whole team the same element and make sure to have ap-buffers:


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Elio! xD 

Eca & Osa would be nice to add to that comp.


I miss the old Osa buffs being AoE

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You need a panda bruh.

Panda eni enu cra iop xelor feca + doesn't matter, another cra or sram/eca/osa/sac.

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