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Leeching lvl 200 dungeon DUOS and TRIOS

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Hello, I'm leeching lvl 200 duos and trios dungeons and more, except Ilyzaelle, Solar, Bethel and Protozz.


Koutoulou duo + limpwrist 4mk

Dantinea duo + last 2mk

Meno duo + limpwrist 4mk

Tal Kasha duo 4mk

Anerice the Shushess duo + limpwrist 2mk

Queen of Thieves trio 4mk

King Nidas trio 3mk

Catseye trio 5mk


I can do also some "hard" achievements, and price for that depends on you knowledge and class. These achievements are Koutoulou Impertinence, Tal kasha Statue and Focus, Vortex Focus and Impertinence, Catseye Freedom etc..


You can pm me here or in game to Fireklin and Balkan-Pride.

Edited by Fireklin
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