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The Fantastic Five leeching service

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Hello Guys! 


As title says, I am offering leeching service via F5 achiev. 


Price is 5.5mk per room.

4 Rooms in total.



Q: Do I have to play during the leech or you are able to do the fight alone? 

A: Yeah, I do need your help. Atleast with killing one of the monsters or bosses (depending on room). 



Q: How long does it take?

A: I usually need to repeat the fight 1-2 times because of diffrent placement each run. Keep in mind that it may take more than 2 (I guess up to 3 tries due to cancer placement). Each room should take (including running the dungeon itself) 30-40minutes. 


Q: Any discount If I want to leech multiple classes? 

A: Not really, because I am able to take only 1 leecher at once (makes the fight easier and gives me way more impact). Trust me, these fights are so hard to leech if you've got more than 1 person who doesn't know rotations.  


Q: What about the payment? How can I trust you? 

A: My tactic is simple. I take 50% of the payment before we start the fight in final room and 50% after. (List of scammers below :^) :^) :^) )





Requirements (just to make fight easier): 


*You cannot be naked :^) 
*Atleast 20% res
*I want you to be focused during the fight, turn off your youtube videos etc. If you don't know rotations- I'll be pointing every cell.




Please do not contact me if you are not accepting my conditions. 



I can start leeching after the 9th of may (uni is shit :^) jk )

Pm me here or in-game 








Edited by Shuko
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Bump, price reduced 
5mk now

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